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Medical & HealthRegistering for one of Israel's 4 Health Funds.

Registering for one of Israel’s 4 Health Funds.

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Last Updated on November 7, 2021

Registering for a Health Fund (Kupat Holim) in Israel

Hebrew: רישום לקופת חולים בישראל

Health funds maccabi clalit meuhedet leumit


Registering for a Health Fund upon your arrival in Israel

All new immigrants (Heb. Olim) receive a voucher at the airport along with  their Teudat Oleh, entitling them to six months free health insurance.   Once you are employed, Health Insurance is taxed on your income (up to 4.8%). The employer’s portion is collected by the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi), and passed on to the health insurance fund of the individual’s choice.

Health Fund registration services at Ben Gurion Airport

To ease your first steps in Israel, it is possible to register for the health fund of your choice upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport.  This new service is in addition to the existing option of registering at a postal bank.
New immigrants are eligible for health insurance from the date of receipt of new immigrant status. As of the 7th of December, 2010, upon arrival at the airport with new immigrant status, and receipt of documentation from an absorption counselor, you can register at the health fund of your choosing. When registering you must inform the absorption counselor of your choice of health fund (it is recommended to check the services provided by each fund in advance of your Aliyah).
We suggest that you access the Health Fund’s website and research their benefits before you arrive in Israel. Ask friends or relatives, living in Israel, in and consult with them before deciding on a health fund.
Note that when registering for a health fund at the airport, you do not have to pay a registration fee.

Other ways to register for a Health Fund

  • You can register for a health fund, on-line, via the fund’s website.  Please note that not all health funds have this facility on their site yet.
  • You can contact you health fund by phone, and register with a customer service representative See our translations of the Health Funds Automated Answering Machines
  • You can visit your health-fund main branch in your area, and register with them
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