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PesachPesach Table Setting Ideas

Pesach Table Setting Ideas

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Last Updated on April 10, 2016

10 low cost ideas for setting the table for the Chagim

Looking for fresh ideas to decorate your table? Take advantage of wild flowers or seasonal fruits for decoration.  Even with a limited budget there are things you can do to make a festive and inviting table that will set the scene for the rest of the evening and include all the traditional elements.

Classic white crockery is very functional, every year you can add a burst of color using table accessories and for a relatively small amount of money you can change the look each time.

Here are 10 low cost table decorating ideas.


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1. Turning apples into candle sticks is a gread idea for Rosh Hashanah

2. Inexpensive napkin rings – a simple DIY project. 

For Rosh Hashanah, cut apple or pomegranate shapes from colored board, embellish with a few beads, glue shape onto a cardboard ring.  Supplies can be bought at your local dollar shop for next to nothing.

For Pesach, matzah printed paper available at some craft stores (or from the internet and sneak printed at the office on the colour printer), cut and glued to form a ring.

3. Create the Exodus and crossing of the Red Sea with little Lego figures, a table runner (could be made from matzah slices) and some blue fabric

4. Buy inexpensive flowers in your favorite color, cut the stems away, and place the flower on the serving plate nesting on a folded paper fan.

5.  Shabby Chic – The mismatched look ideal for new olim who are still living out of boxes

6.  A sprig of fern or rosemary is a very inexpensive option.  Just walk down your street and you are bound to find rosemary bushes growing wild.

7.  You are sure to have some linen napkins you inherited from grandma, add a matching satin ribbon in the color of your choice – it is simple, elegant and timeless and you will be honoring her in a delightful way

8. Decorate a glass vase with slices of lemons or  limes or any small fruits, a few inexpensive flowers and you are done!

9. Don’t have enough of anything? Mismatched cutlery is another fun way of decorating your table.

10. With some hand-made or bonded paper, a ribbon and a colored marker,  you can decorate your table with simple place-cards.


Chag Sameach!



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