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DrivingParking Violations & Fines

Parking Violations & Fines

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Last Updated on November 14, 2021

Paying your Parking Fine in Israel: Translated from Hebrew to English

Hebrew:קנס חנייה

Below is an example of a parking fine issued by the Haifa Municipality.  Fines from other regions may differ slightly in appearance and wording.

parking fine -

parking fine

Parking Rules & Regulations in Israel

Paying your Parking Fine

Should you receive a parking fine, it will be left on the front windscreen of your car, under the windscreen wipers. You will also receive a copy of the fine by mail, sent to your registered address.

You have 90 days, from the date of issue, to pay a fine.

Queries & Cancellation

If you feel the parking fine is unjust, or you can prove that you did not contravene Israeli parking regulations, or you can prove a medical or other emergency, via documentation or an affidavit, you can submit this to the parking department of your municipality or regional council.  Should they feel you have valid cause, they might cancel the fine.  If they do cancel it, you will receive written notification in the mail.

Court Hearing

You can request a court hearing if you feel that your fine was unjust.  There is space on the flip side of the fine (that was sent to you in the mail) where you must fill in necessary details and send it to the stipulated address.

Reminders & Late Fees

Should you not pay your fine on time, a reminder will be sent to you by mail.  Should you not pay this either, you will be sent an additional request for payment, however the amount of the fine will now include an additional late payment fee.  If you continue to avoid payment, you could risk having your bank account attached by the court bailiff (Heb: Hotzaa LePoal)

Where to Pay?

You can pay your fine at any branch of the post-office, at your nearest bank or by calling the parking department in your area and providing your credit card details.  Before you do that, check your local municipality for an online payment option.

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