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DrivingOlim experienced drivers: Converting your foreign license - No need to retake...

Olim experienced drivers: Converting your foreign license – No need to retake driving test

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Last Updated on November 27, 2021

Olim: Experienced Drivers Do Not Need to Retake Their Driving Test

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Liami Lawrence and Tzvika Grainer from Keep Olim in Israel Movement – an Aliyah support Facebook group – succeeded in their lobby to get the law changed for new olim who want to convert their foreign driver’s license to an Israeli one.

Minister of Transport – Yisrael Katz announced on July 24th, 2017 that Olim and returning residents who have held foreign driving licenses for at least five years will no longer be required to undergo a frustrating and tedious process that included a driving test to obtain a valid Israeli driver’s license.

Until now, immigrants (olim) from all countries had a three year limit within which time they were required to take a driving control-test that tested their ability to control a vehicle.  If they didn’t do so within 3 years, or if they failed the test twice, they were required to take the same full practical driving test taken by those who have never held n Israeli driving license.

It is recommended that drivers new to Israel take a few lessons to learn local road conditions and familiarize themselves with common driving habits and disciplines. There have been horror stories of exploitation by driving instructors who insisted on tens of lessons and huge financial outlays to unsuspecting olim.

Minister of Transport – Yisrael Katz also mentioned in his announcement “If you have had a driving license for a private vehicle or a motorbike for at least five years, soon you will be able to get an Israeli license without taking a control test. You just fill out a form for an Israeli license, including medical tests, send everything to us, and you will receive an Israeli license,” Katz said in a video he sent to KeepOlim.

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