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Hebrew EnglishHebrew English DictionaryLearn Confusing Hebrew Words: Im, Em, Um, Am

Learn Confusing Hebrew Words: Im, Em, Um, Am

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Last Updated on October 24, 2021

Learn these confusing Hebrew words: Im, Em, Um, Am


 confusing hebrew words


Hebrew Transliteration English Meaning 
אִם Im If
עִם Im With/together
אֵם Em Mother
אֹם Uhm (Oohm) Nut (as in bolt)
עַם Um Nation


These are also confusing Hebrew words; some are homophones, some are homonyms, there are palindromes and acronyms too…

  • Bandage, Fancy Dress Outfit, Oxide and Ammunition
  • Paint, Army, Neck, Last Will & Testament and Swollen
  • Cold, Rip, Mining, Happen…
  • Ach, Ach and Ach
  • Noodles, Umbrellas & Mushrooms
  • Strike, a Hebrew month and the Sabbath
  • Guard, fennel and dill  

The Hebrew words with examples and explanations here…

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