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Milan Karmeli Psychosomatic Therapy Tel Aviv

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Milan Karmeli  Psychosomatic Therapy Tel Aviv
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Milan Karmeli, a native English Speaker leads workshops internationally on topics around relationship and family dynamics and gives sessions in his private clinic in Tel-Aviv 

Healing happens when a deep understanding settles inside us. The understandings or insights occur on the cognitive and body level. Since almost all significant events in our lives also leave an imprint in the form of stuck energy and contractions in the body, the therapeutic process always includes the body on some level.

In a safe, loving and respectful environment Milan supports people in deepening their awareness of how their life unfolds and nourish self-love and acceptance. His work emphasizes the relationships we create throughout our lives with our family of origin, in our love relationships, with our children and in our professional and personal lives.



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  • Openess Workshop


    When I came to the workshop everything seemed strange to me. On the one hand I wanted to connect to what was happening around me, but it also required me to trust a person I don’t know to guide me. What Milan really required me to do was to stay with what I felt and let myself sink into the process in my own rhythm. I began to listen inside to voices I had shut out for so many years. For me this process was the most amazing I ever participated in in my life. The constant focus on me took me so deep and in the past I just couldn’t stay with that. I was used to run away from ‘myself’ and here, in this workshop, I simply has to face myself. I learned to contain what is and to grow through it. Shay
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  • Individual Sessions


    The fact that I made the effort to come by bus from Jerusalem every week for our sessions shows me how important they were for me. Not once I arrived filled with anger and negativity and everything seemed difficult and complex. When I left I felt a sense of renewal. Milan’s ability to listen and create a meditative space enabled me to reclaim my strength which helped me through my crisis I experienced at work. Milan enabled me to contain my anger but also express it where needed and that was so important for me and so positive. I’m so grateful
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  • Proffessionalism and empathy


    When I came for my first session with Milan I still wasn’t aware on which journey I’m embarking. And after my first session I did actually begin my journey: amazing, scary, moving, hurting, easing and learning a lot. I met myself in so many places I didn’t dare to look before. During the sessions I experienced a whole new inner world that was not available to its extend before. I fell in love with myself and learned to accept what is. Throughout my journey Milan’s presence and support were so real, clear and soothing. I always felt his empathy, which is so important during such a process. The professionalism and love were apparent in every session, over and over again.
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  • speaking from the heart


    What I received in the sessions was the simplicity of talking from heart to heart. Milan’s heart was wide open to me, sensitive, and was capable to contain me with my light and my darkness. The feeling of unconditional acceptance allowed me to feel safe. I could bring all my inner noise, my longings, my sadness and my sense of stagnation that accompanies me through life. The most meaningful and moving sessions were those in which I didn’t plan what to talk about. Out of the unknown the amazing insights arose that Milan collected one by one, and which enabled me to see my way again. During the course of the sessions I went through significant changes in my life and eventually felt more at ease, quiet and open with myself. Eitan
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