Monday, 01 March 2021
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Israel Electric Company (IEC) warning notice prior to supply shut-off.

Tens of thousands of olim have used our translated bills to navigate the payment of their household utilities; electricity, property municipal rates and taxes (arnona), water and others.  A new oleh with limited Hebrew skills, reached out to us; he had referred to our translation of the electricity bill but was confused as his electricity bill did not resemble ours. A couple of emails later it became clear that he was looking at an Israel Electric Company's warning notice and that failure to pay the bill immediately would result in the shut-off of his electricity supply.

For yours and the benefit of many others, we have added a Hebrew to English translation of the Israel Electric Company warning notice to our database and here it is.


Israel Electric Company Warning Notice

It is very convenient to pay your first electricity bill online.  Don't worry that the instructions are in Hebrew - we've taken care of that too -  just follow our English instructions. 

IEC's website's digital services explained and translated

Ways to pay your electricity bill

By phone via the digital answering service

By phone via a customer service representative (in Hebrew).

Via a monthly bank order directly from your bank account.

Stand in line at the post office