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Have Fun Learning Hebrew with Palindromes

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward or forward.  Words like 'noon', 'civic' and 'radar' or a phrase like 'Madam, I'm Adam' or 'Was it a car or cat I saw' are examples of palindromes. 



The Hebrew language has them too.  Words and names like:

  • ישי – Yishai, David’s father
  • דוד – David, Yishai’s son (also  pronounced 'dod' an uncle)
  • נתן – Nathan or Natan, David’s son
  • ירי – Firing of a bullet
  • אבא – Father
  • מים – Water

And then sentences and phrases like these:-

ילד כותב בתוך דלי

Yeled kotev b'toch dli

A boy writes inside a bucket

הפוך על הפוך

Hafooch al hafooch

Up-side down logic


בחר בלב רחב

Bachar b'lev rachav

Choose with a big heart


הכלה הלכה

Ha'kala halcha

The bride left


There are very many more, but this is our final example


רבע הלילה עבר

Reva ha'leila avar

A quarter of the night has passed



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