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Hebrew to English translations gone bad. Google translate doesn't always get it right.

There are many examples where Hebrew to English translations go bad and even Google and other online translators get is wrong.  As olim hadashim there have been many occasions where English to Hebrew translation have gone wrong.  In my own experience it has sometimes been years later that I learnt what my mistakes were and that they were hilarious in many ways. 

Every so often we hear of a really bad Hebrew to English or English to Hebrew translation and as soon as we do, we will publish them here.

Here is one that was recently posted in our Facebook group.

hebrew to english google translations

What makes this hysterical? The words בעלי חיים means animals.  בעלי in Hebrew also means 'my husband' and חיים  is a man's name - Haim.  The actual translation should be Not tested on animals.  

If you have one you'd like to share, we'd love to post it.  

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