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Social ServicesWhat is Ohr Meir & Bracha?

What is Ohr Meir & Bracha?

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Last Updated on November 17, 2021

Ohr Meir Bracha – The Terror Victims Support Center

Ohr Meir & BrachaOhr Meir & Bracha – The Terror Victims Support Center, in Israel, was founded in 2002 by Liora Tedgi, a mother of 10 who was injured in a car bomb attack in Jerusalem. Liora set up the organization to respond to the unmet, unrecognized needs of Victims of Terror and their families. Terror attacks destroy the lives not only of those who perish but, also of those who survive them. Terror attacks do more than just destroy buildings and cause physical injury; they cause individuals great psychological stress, and interfere with the long-term livelihood of families. The grief and pain of losing a loved one or enduring on-going extensive medical treatment can make it difficult for many families to cope with the daily care-taking needs of their children. Other families fall into acute financial crisis and do not have enough money to pay bills, buy food, or find psychological counseling.

The Terror Victims Support Center seeks to aid these victims by offering vital services to help rebuild their lives. Here is a partial list of the services provided: distribution of winter coats, shoes and school supplies, baby formula and diapers, kitchen packages for brides, purchase of electrical appliances, hospital visits to the wounded, and covering the costs of a Shiva.

“Kids Corner” is an after-school program for 50 children, terror victims & children in crisis; children arrive Sun-Thurs in time to be served a hot-meat-meal, enjoy supervised play, arts & crafts and assistance with homework. This may be the ONLY hot meal these children are served all day. A safe place to play after school, will serve to keep these children off the streets and in a productive environment.

Our hallmark endeavor is the weekly assembly and packaging of hundreds of baskets of food to be distributed in time for Shabbat or Chag. Our baskets contain chicken, challot, fruit/vegetables and all that is needed to celebrate Shabbat or Chag. Thursdays, beginning at 9:15 a.m. at Yakim Street #3 in Jerusalem, we assemble the baskets, joined by a cast of volunteers stemming from Olim Chadashim, recent retirees, students from local Seminaries and Yeshivot, Chayalim and the list goes on.

Individuals are welcome to join us each week.  Groups, please contact us in advance to arrange a visit.  Please visit our website at www.terror-victims.org.il where you can access our video.  You can also contact us at Tel: 02-582-4630/718-705-7444

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