Monday, 20 May 2019
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Jerusalem Winner Marathon 2019 & The Talia Trust for Children

The Jerusalem Winner Marathon is taking place on Friday, March 15, 2019.  This year the Freemasons in cooperation with Anglo-List are supporting the Talia Trust - a truly worthy cause.

jerusalem winner marathon talia trust

Freemasons in Israel support the Talia Trust.  Shlomo Rappaport of Mt. Carmel No.44 Lodge running in the Jerusalem Winner Marathon in 2018

We would like to make an appeal to all the positive Anglos looking at this site to contribute to the Talia Trust for Children. The Talia Trust supports school-aged children from disadvantaged homes who are in regular education and who have specific learning difficulties and/or ADHD.

  • The Talia Trust funding pays for educational testing for middle and high school children when their parents cannot afford to do this.
  • These test results aid teachers in guiding those students how to study for exams, through acquiring learning strategies appropriate to each student's specific difficulties.
  • These results also allow students to take exams under special conditions, suited to their needs.
  • In return, the children volunteer their time in various community benefit programs.
  • The Talia Trust assists children, whose parents do not have the means to do so, in regular primary schools, to learn study tools that build self-confidence to succeed in education.
  • The Talia Trust aims to increase public awareness about the difficulties facing young people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

The Freemasons of Mount Carmel Lodge No. 44 (Haifa) and other Lodges (who are part of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel) have been supporting this fund for the last few years with direct financial contributions to the Talia Trust.  In addition, every year Freemasons take part in the Jerusalem Winner Marathon to support the Talia Trust.

We ask you to support this special cause by making a donation on the campaign page (which we are all using to donate together.)

Please click here

Your support will make our running super special for us, and together we can make a real difference. Whatever you can give even if it is a small contribution is greatly appreciated and valued and encourages others to contribute also. So, if you can't be there at least donate some money!! As much as you can afford, no-one can ask for more than that but GIVE!!

If you would like more information on Freemasonary in Israel please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Talia Trust for Children, in memory of Talia Hyman, is a Non Profit Organization, registered in Israel, number 580443554,  Contributions, which are tax deductible according to section 46 of the income tax law,