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Israel Railways Strike

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Last Updated on March 10, 2019

Israel Railways Strike

Update:  Commencing at 2pm today – 11.3.2019 –  the train line between Rishon LeZion to Lod and Karmiel to Haifa will be shut down if no solution is found the Israel Railways strike.


Loosely translated from a Hebrew article in the Globes newspaper

On Sunday morning 10th March, 2019, a meeting will be held between the railway workers’ committee and representatives of the Histadrut and the management, in an attempt to solve the crisis surrounding the new work arrangement of drivers and prevent the planned Israel Railways strike.

If the negotiations fail, the workers will shut down the trains from Rishon Letzion to Lod and Karmiel to Haifa in both directions from 2pm.

The railway workers’ committee calls the new work plan, which went into effect on Thursday, “a safety hazard.” The workers say the new work arrangement does not include sufficient breaks and drivers are not willing to take responsibility for transporting so many passengers when they are tired.

Hebrew, English and transliterated ‘strike’ words

English Hebrew Transliteration
Strike שביתה Shvita
Disruptions שיבושים Shibushim
Histadrut הסתדרות Union
Israel railway workers עובדי רכבת ישראל Ovdei rakevet yisrael
Worker’s committee ועד העובדים Vaad ha’ovdim
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