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Israel Law Team

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Israel Law Team

37 Pierre Koenig, Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel

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The Israel Law Team (ILT) - are your "Oleh Advocates" and provides free initial legal consultations in both Israeli and U.S. law, and assists its clients in finding appropriate legal counsel in Israel and around the globe. The mission of the ILT is to assist new immigrant Olim and veterans alike as well as offer local and international legal guidance in a wide variety of litigation and transaction-based representations. We are well connected to and knowledgeable of the legal workings in Israel and abroad and provide a full range of services for clients seeking local and international legal protection.

The ILT administers a law forum and Facebook group - "What's the Law in Israel" - designed to guide clients through everday legal issues. This forum is designed for lawyers and non-lawyers alike, where anyone can freely ask legal questions and get prompt responses from well experienced legal professionals. The Facebook group also posts many useful articles that help make everyday life in Israel a little more user-friendly and easy to navigate.


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