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Employment Counseling, Agencies & Careers in Israel 

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The Center for  Employment Counseling

The Center for Employment Counseling for Olim and Returning Residents is run by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption - Misrad HaKlitah. The Center offers personal guidance and counseling, aptitude testing, assistance with resumes,interviews and learning the appropriate Hebrew terminology.  Culture-bridging workshops and refresher courses are also offered. Assistance in job placement and support groups  with other professionals is provided.  Immigrants who have been in Israel for up to ten years, in possession of a high school diploma or higher, are eligible for assistance at the Center. Returning residents are also eligible for assistance during the first two years from the date of their return.

Several enrichment refresher courses are held at regular intervals.  The courses are in Hebrew with English based terminology.

The courses on offer are:-

  • Advanced computer applications - 50 hours
  • Computer skills for beginners - 50 hours
  • Administration at work - the computerized office - 100 hours
  • AutoCAD and SolidWorks - 100 hours
  • Computerized storage management - 100 hours
  • Electronic soldering - 100 hours
  • Quality control - 100 hours
  • Sales and customer service - 100 hours 

The courses are intended for all Olim of employment age, that have been in Israel for up to 10 years and have a profession that does not require professional licensing (not doctors, lawyer, accountants etc.)


Northern Israel    
Hadera​ 47 HaGiburim​ St. 04-6703031​
Haifa Bay​ 177 HaHistadrut​ St. 04-6889981​
Haifa​ 63 Herzl​ St. 04-9127541​
Carmiel​ 1 HaEmek​ St. 04-6667601​
Naharia​ 20 HaGa’aton​ St. 04-6663830​
Nazareth Ilit​ 5 Mercaz Ofir​ 04-6668515​
Afula​ 3 Yerushalayim​ St. 04-6424113​
Tiberias​ 3 Alchadaf​ St. 04-6439731​

Tel Aviv & Center    
Ramla 118 Herzl St. 08-6218437
Netania 18 Pinsker St. 09-7883366
Petach Tikva​ 6 Mohliver St. 03-7588530
Rishon LeTzion​ 18 Jabotinsky St. 03-5413986
Tel Aviv 163 Dizengoff St. (4th floor) 03-7588528
Jerusalem & The South    
Ashdod 5 HaBanim St. 073-7060868
Beer Sheva 10 Ben Tzvi Blvd. 073-7060893
Beit Shemesh 1 HaNasi St. 073-7060865
Jerusalem 21 King George St. 073-7060890
Kiryat Gat 3 Paz Sq. 073-7060488

Aliyah Job Center

The criteria for being able to use this service:

  • Opening of an Aliyah File via your local Shaliach or Global Center ("Tik Aliyah") 
  • You have never made Aliyah before or previously held Israeli Citizenship 
  • Entitlement to make Aliyah under the "Law of Return" ("Zakaut") 
  • Age Group 21 - 60
  • You have an known Aliyah date within the next 6 months
  • You have made Aliyah within the last 12 months 

A "Katin Hozer" someone born in Israel who left before the age of 14 or an "Ezrach Oleh" someone born abroad to at least one Israeli parent may also qualify for assistance from the Job Center.

The Jewish Agency for Israel's Aliyah Job Center is a limited program and the full range of  ervices does not extend to "all immigrants" or returning residents ("Toshavim Hozrim").

Employment Agencies that cater to English speakers in Israel

  • Manpower
  • Kedumim
  • Marksman Personnel

Job hunting on the Internet

  • A popular English website for job hunting is Israemploy.  You need to be a paying member in order to submit your resume. Most of the jobs they advertise are in the center of the country.
  • Also check with your various Federations and Aliyah Organizations for job listings, 
  • You are able to advertise JOBSEEKS and JOBOPPS on our JOB BOARD or on our Facebook page

Employment Resources