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Top Internships in Israel

jacob share internships in israelJacob Share is no stranger to the Israeli employment arena.  His employment blog - JobMob, has more than 29000 Twitter followers, 10,000 subscribers and a large following on other social media.  His tips and strategies are invaluable for anyone looking to join the Israeli workforce and especially English speakers who struggle with Hebrew resources.

If you want to further your studies in Israel, there are numerous options for bursaries, scholarships and subsidized study programs. Another option, especially  if you are thinking about Aliyah and want to get your foot in the door, is an internship.  You'll gain valuable work experience and, at the same time, get a real taste of Israeli life.

There are internship opportunities for a few weeks, a few months and even an entire year.  Some of the most well known internship programs are offered by MASA, WUJS, Taglit (Birthright) and even Tel Aviv University but there are many, many more.  Whether it's something in the non-profit sector, hi-tech, communications, travel or even religious studies, you are sure to find a program to match your interest.

In his article on Top Internships in Israel, Jacob Share suggests ways of funding an internship, dealing with deadlines as well as tracking and managing your internship application process.  Some of the top internship programs for 2019 are listed on his blog...

Internship Tip

Just as you would track your job search in a methodical way, with an Excel spreadsheet or similar software, track your internship applications in the same way.


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