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Rules & Suggestions for Getting a Job in Israel

Hebrew:  עצות וטיפים לחיפוש עבודה

By: Maurice Singer

Now retired, Maurice had over 35 years of experience working with new immigrants and also as an Aliyah Shaliach. He conducted seminars and workshops on  a variety of “job search”  subjects for over 20 years. 

dos and donts


There is no end of books written on “How to find a Job” or “The Perfect Resume”, Interviewing Techniques etc. etc. What can we tell  that you haven’t heard before? What advice or tips can we give that will lead to the turning point in your job search resulting in success?  We share 3 rules that will help you get the job you want.

1. It's not the most qualified people who get the best jobs: It's those who are most skilled at job hunting

Job hunting is a full-time job in itself and there are strategies and techniques that need to be learned accepted and then put into practice in order to achieve results. My job search seminars teach these tactics

2. A resume should be about the future and not the past

Many times I have said this only to see a look of confusion on the faces of the job seekers. What I mean is that the Employer while reading your CV should be thinking of a potential future for you in his organization based on your past record. In order to achieve this much time and effort should be spent on the production of your Resume and covering letter.

3. The universal hiring rule: Any employer will hire any individual as long as the employer is convinced that the hiring will bring more value than it costs

Once the job seeker understands what the job entails, he must convince the Employer that he can do the job and do it well. Using examples of previous work, showing enthusiasm and confidence in his/her own ability, if the job seeker convinces the employer that by taking him on the work will get done, he/she will be offered the job!!



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