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Israel Independence Day Celebrations 2018

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Last Updated on August 11, 2021

70 years young. Sing Hallelujah! Countrywide, Israel Independence Day celebrations for 2018

Official ceremonies, free concerts, main attractions, picnic spots, free museums, IDF bases, fly-overs…

חגיגות יום העצמאות ל2018

israel 70 logo
Image credit: Israel Ministry of Culture & Sport

Please note:  The schedules and artists listed here may actually change or differ on the evening especially where an artist is scheduled to perform at more than one location. Only the main attractions in selected cities and towns have been included in this list.

Remember wherever you go, parking is at a premium. Routes around the main stages are likely to be closed (check with your local municipality – call 106). Take the train or other forms of public transport wherever possible.  There will be extra trains to Tel Aviv.

This list is being updated daily as more information comes in.

Singing Hallelujah! Together as one

Immediately after the official ceremony, the entire country and Jewish communities around the world will stand as one, join together and sing ‘Hallelujah’.

From Brussels, Philadelphia, Lima, Mexico City, Montevideo, San Diego, New Dehli, Lagos, Johannesburg, Bucharest, Moscow and Warsaw.  From Kiryat Gat, Sderot and Ofakim, Beer Sheva and Jerusalem, Maale Adumim and Ramat HaSharon, Ness Tziona and Tel Aviv, Bat Yam and Tzofim, Lod and Rehovot, Kiryat Shmona and Nazereth Illit, Migdal HaEmek and Akko, Haifa, Kiryat Bialik and Kfar Haruv

The song “Hallelujah” was Israel’s winning entry to the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest


Appearing in Afula often called the “Capital of the Valley”

  • Mashina
  • Yossi Shitrit
  • Moshiko Mor
  • Eran Hason


Not one, but two fireworks displays in Ariel!

The main attraction: Miri Massika will be performing on Wednesday night in the Amphitheater

Friday folk dancing – see details below


The 6th largest city in Israel, Ashdod is proud to present:

  • Moshe Peretz
  • Eyal Golan
  • Kate and Or
  • Stefan
  • Dod Chaim will be appearing on the children’s stage
  • For the dati community, Chanan Ben Ari


The Promenade in Ashkelon is the place to enjoy performances by:

  • Rinat Gabai
  • Barry Sacharov
  • Skuzzi
  • Dikla
  • Sapir Saban
  • Dudu Aharon

Wednesday 23:30 beach party – see below

Friday folk dancing – see below

Beer Sheva

As part of the 70 celebration

  • Rita, Kafeh Shachor Hazak (Strong Black Coffee) and Dana Lapidot will be performing at the main stage
  • In the courtyard of the Museum of the Negev, you will be treated to songs and hits of the 50’s and 60’s


Wednesday 23:30 beach party – see below

More details to follow


Two fireworks displays at 21:50 and 23:30 and performers

  • Oded Pad
  • Eliad
  • Agam Buchbut
  • Aviv Geffen


Shlomi Shabat on the main stage (on HaGiborim and HaNassi)

Eliad Nachum and  selection of local bands and artists will be performing on the soccer field on Beer Ora

Wednesday 23:30 beach party – see below

Givat Olga

Roni Dalumi will be delighting you with her music at the Givat Olga stage on Rechavat HaBankim.


Israel’s 3rd largest city, welcomes you to join its celebrations.  For your entertainment

Not one, but three street parties in Haifa – the traditional Tzubagutz on Moriah, a second  in Kiryat Haim and a third in Neve Shaanan on Trumpledor.

  • Tzubachutz Moriah: Mosh Ben Ari, Aiviv Geffen, Mashina, are the main attractio
  • On Trumpeldor: Gidi Gov and special treats for the children.  Following an evening of dancing lead by well know local dancer
  • In Kiryat Haim: Omer Adam, Mosh Ben Air, Mashina, Omri Sabach, Top Pop, Itai Levi and Ofek Ben Harushi

Also appearing at the various stages:

  • Nasrin Kadri
  • Ehud Banai
  • Mercedes Bend and Jane Bordeaux

Fireworks displays at 9:30pm across the city.

Grab a spot on the Louis Promenade in the Central Carmel overlooking the Haifa Bay you’ll be able to see the fire works displays of all the towns across the bay; Haifa, all the Krayot, Akko, Ein Hamifratz and Nahariya to the north, and in the west from the Jezreel Valley and then further north from some the yishuvim and kibbutzim in the Galil. It’s the best view in the country!

Another hot-spot in Haifa is Ben Gurion Blvd. in the German Colony -come see this year’s special 70th birthday street-light display and when you look up Ben Gurion, you’ll be treated a light-fest up the boulevard and also the Bahai Terraces and Gardens.  When you look down, the harbor lights and lights from the ships in port, will dazzle you too.

On Thursday at 10:30am on Dado Beach -a parachute display with 37 of our top paratroopers followed by a flotilla Israel’s Navy boats.

Friday folk dancing – see below


At the main stage at the Vreisland Gardens; fireworks, children’s entertainment and DJ Tomer Aloni will be leading the party.

Hod HaSharon

Details to follow


Performing at the various stages in the city:

  • Micky Gavrielov
  • Rami Kleinstein
  • Regev Hod
  • Chen Aharoni
  • Friends of Natasha


Mount Herzl – Official Celebration – (By invitation only)

19:45 – Yizkor, Speaker of the Knesset, Candle lighting ceremony, Flag raising ceremony, Various dance troupes and IDF Choirs, Fireworks display. The ceremony will be televised on local TV channels.

Kotel HaMaravi (Western Wall)

8:00pm Prayers and partying

Independence Park

  • Avi Masika
  • Shai Cohen
  • Yossi Azulai
  • Liron Amram
  • Balkan Beat Box
  • Lior Narkis

Teddy Park

Singing and dancing into the night and special guests Daniel Zakay and Alma Zohar

Street Parties

Join in one of the many street parties on Jaffa, Hillel and Ben Yehuda

Mahane Yehuda

At 3 different location ins the Mahane Yehuda Market, 3 DJs will entertain you through the night.

Also a huge party at the BeerBazaar

Safra Park

  • Aviv Avidan
  • Lee Fishman
  • Motti & Shmulik

Friday folk dancing – see below


  • Eden Ben Zaken
  • Muki
  • Stars from Xfactor
  • Uzi Fuchs
  • Ruti Navon
  • Adi Cohen
  • Shai & Roi and others

Friday folk dancing – see below

Kiryat Shmona

Yossi Shitreet and local artists will be performing on Wednesday night

Tuvia Zafir, Itai Levy and Eyal Golan will be making their appearances at the Stadium on Thursday evening.

Kfar Saba

Fireworks display at 20:55 and 21:55

Main attraction: Idan Amadi’s live performance on the Rotschild Stage at 21:00, followed by folk dancing and capellas and then at 01:00 Eve and Lir in a live performance.

Rock in the Shuk – from 21:00 way into the night

Kfar Shmariyahu

Celebrating 70 with you in Kfar Shmariyahu is Keren Peles – all are invited!


Kiryat Bialik:Park Lev HaIr

  • Omer Adam
  • Static and Ben El
  • Eden Ben Zaken
  • Ma Kushur
  • Natan Danielov
  • Local Capellas and fireworks display
  • Wednesday 23:30 beach party – see below

Kiryat Ata: Park Herzl

Evening hosted by Shalom Asiag

  • Muki
  • Omer Adam
  • Eden Ben Zaken
  • Shlomi Shabat
  • Static and Ben El

Kiryat Motzkin at the Amphitheatre

  • Nadav Abuksis
  • Static and Ben El
  • Asner Bros
  • Shula Chen
  • Sassi Keshet
  • Miri Aloni

Kiryat Yam: Park Einstein is the place to be to jive to the beat of

  • Omer Adam
  • Ethnix
  • Peer Tassi

Kiryat Ono

  • Hannah Lazslo
  • Rami Kleinstein
  • Eliad
  • Sarit Hadad

Ma’ale Adumim

  • Fireworks display
  • Michal Amdurski and Idan Amadi are the main guest performers
  • Tarraram
  • Ron Avidan
  • Local Capellas and dance groups

Modiin, Maccabim & Reut

At the Amphi Park

Main attractions are:

  • The Revivo Project
  • Miri Masika
  • Pablo Rosenberg

Please check with you local municipality for details of traffic changes


At the New Independence Square, hosted by Shai Hamber and featuring

  • Shlomo Shabbat
  • Roni Dalumi
  • Yehuda Elias
  • Local dancers and choirs

Wednesday 23:30 beach party – see below

Friday folk dancing – see below

Petach Tikva

Hosting the evening – Didi Harari with

  • Moshe Peretz
  • Maor Edri
  • Avraham Tal
  • Dolev Frankel
  • Shir ZuAretz
  • Daniel Meitar

Friday folk dancing – see below


5 main stages in Raanana offering a selection of fun activities; on Bar Ilan, Tel Chai, Keren HaYesod, Ben Gurion, Yad Lebanim on Ahuzza

Fireworks at 20:50 and then Avri Leader rolls into town to share his musical talent!


At Park Ofer

  • Eyal Golan
  • Noa Kirel

Kiryat Menachem Begin

  • Michal HaKtana

Thursday 19th, fun activities for the whole family at Park Ofer


Tzvika Hadar will be hosting the evening.  Regev Hod and other local bands will be performing on the central stage at Gan HaMeyasdim. Fun for the whole family!

Rishon LeZion

70’s celebrations start at 20:30.

  • In addition to the traditional fireworks display, you will enjoy performances by Idan Yaniv, Glikeria,  Daklon and Sivan Cohen, Kobi Affalalu, Shimon Buskila, Yardena Arazi, Rgev Hod, Balkan Beat Box, Shir Levy and others.
  • Moshe Datz will be delighting children with his songs.
  • A Rave at the Amphi-Park – from 23:00 with Static and Ben El, Subliminal, Skuzzy, Talisman and more (entrance fee)
  • Friday folk dancing – see below

Ramat Gan

At the main stage on Rambam Square, entertainment begins with a fireworks display followed at 9:00pm with performances by

  • Agam Buchbot
  • Tzvika Pik
  • Maya Buskila
  • Hadas Shor
  • Lior Narkis
  • Nasrin
  • Mosh Ben-Ari

Ramat HaSharon

Festivities start with a fireworks display and from 8:30pm on the main stage at the city hall:

  • Kobi Ben Atar
  • Dana International
  • Hatikvah 6
  • Shiri Maimon
  • Barry Sacharof
  • Shiran

Tel Aviv

Celebrating 70 at Rabin Square

  • Galit Giat, Raz Shmueli, Vladi Bleiberg and 200 choristers will join in the celebrations and sing Hallelujah – with a simultaneous live television broadcast.
  • The party continues way into the night with Dany Sanderson

At Menachem Begin Park

  • Shlomi Saranger, Avi Lider and DJ Yossi Guetta will lead the show

Other celebrations at the main stage in Jaffa and on Rotschild Blvd.

Wednesday: Israel Light Parade starts on Namir Rd – see below

Thursday: Free entrance to selected museums – see below

Friday folk dancing – see below


The holy city of Tiberias is pleased to welcome Peer Tassi and Muki to lead the evening’s entertainment.

Well known DJs will host the celebrations through the night.

Wednesday 23:30 beach party – see below


Subliminal’s in Tzfat!

Beach Parties – Wednesday, April 18th

Dance the night away along 70km of Israel’s beautiful coastline.  Beach parties hosted by favorite DJ’s: Bliss, Tomer Meizner, Kobi, Eran Dvorah, Ido Sarig, Ido Shoham, Ofir Nir, Adir Noy, Skuzzi, Smiley, Mr. Black, Zombie, Danni Tuval, Golan Malkah, Ofir Malul

Where: Eilat – Mifratz HaShemesh Beach | Ashkelon – Hof Dalilah | Bat Yam | Akko – Argamon Beach | Nahariya – Galei Galil | Hadera – Olga | Netanya – Poleg Beach | Tiberias – Park Barko | Kiryat Haim – Zevulun

Who: Appearing artists include Dana International, Rotem Cohen, Peer Tassi, Strong Black Coffee, Omri Glickman, Muki, Chen Aharoni, Brinx, Avraham Tal and others.

Time: from 23:30 until dawn

Entrance: 18years and upwards

Israel Light Parade

Tel Aviv is the place to be if you want to join in the fun of the Israel Light Parade.  A stunning sound and light show with dancers and other artists.

The procession starts along Namir Road in Tel Aviv, from the Rokach Bridge to the Tel Aviv Museum, where a huge party will follow.

More fun activities for Yom Ha’Atzmaut on Thursday, April 19th

Cultural Activities, museums and heritage sites

A selection of museums, heritage sites and visitor centers across Israel

Make sure you call before you go – verify opening hours, guided tours, entrance fees, if any, many are free for Yom Haatzmaut and other details

Southern Israel

  • Yad LaIsha HaLochemet in Nitzanim – Tel: 08-6727895
  • The Open Museum in Negba  – Tel:  050-55605540
  • From Holocaust to Revival Museum in Yad Mordechai  – Tel: 08-6720599 , 052-3923104
  • The Water and Security Museum in Nir Am  – Tel: 050-5709042
  • Mitzpe Gvulot – Kibbutz Gvulot  – Tel: 054-7919000
  • Ben Gurion’s Desert Home (Sde Boker) – Tel: 08-6560469
  • Maoz across from Gaza in Kibbutz Saad – Tel:052-3726644
  • The Joe Alon Center for Bedouin Culture at Kibbutz Lahav  – Tel: 08-9913322
  • The Revivim Museum named for Yosef Weitz – Tel:  08-6562570 \ 08-656263
  • Metzudat Yoav, The Givati Museum – Tel:  08-6611316
  • B’erot BaNegev Visitors’ Center – Kibbutz Alumim – Tel: 08-9937300

Jerusalem Area

  • The Old Yishuv Court Museum – Tel: 02-6276319, 052-4002478
  • Ammunition Hill Memorial Site – Tel: 02-5829392/3
  • The Yellin House – in Motza – Tel: 052-4257345
  • The Gush Etzion Visitors’ Center – Tel: 02-9935160
  • The Tower of David Museum – Tel: 02-626533
  • The Underground Prisoners Museum in Jerusalem – Tel: 02-6233166
  • The Shai Agnon House – Tel: 02-6716498
  • The Bank of Israel Visitor’s Center – advance booking required – Tel: 02-6552828,0 2-6552520, 02-6552718
  • Alone on the Walls of Jerusalem – Tel: 02-6265906
  • Menachem Begin Heritage Center –  Tel: 02-5652020 02-5652011
  • Yad LaShiryon at Latrun – Tel: 08-9784321

Tel Aviv & Central Israel

  • Independence Hall – Tel: 03-5106426,  03-5173942
  • The Israeli Museum at the Rabin Center – advance booking required – Tel:.*4585
  • Ben-Gurion House – 03-5221010
  • The Jabotinsky Museum – Tel: 03-5287320
  • The Joseph Bau House – Tel: 054-4301499
  • Rokach House – for more info: – Tel: 03-5168042
  • IDF Historical Collection Museum – Tel: 03-5172913 , 03-5161346
  • The Etzel Museum – Tel: 03-525-3307
  • The Hagana Museum –  Tel: 03-560862
  • The Lechi Museum – Tel: 03-6820288
  • The Etzel 1948 Museum – Tel: 03-5177180 , 03-5172044
  • The Nachum Gutman Museum of Art – Tel: 03-5161970
  • The Hosmasa Museum – Holon – Tel: 03-5050425
  • The Mikveh Israel Visitors Center – advance booking required – Tel:  03-5030489
  • The Rishon L’Tzion Museum – Tel: 03-9598862,  03-9598890
  • The Eran Shamir Moshava Museum in Mazkeret Batya – Tel:08-9349525
  • Ayalon Institute, Rehovot Tel: 08-9406552
  • Weizmann House, Rehovot – Tel: 08-9343230

Northern Israel

  • The Sliqim at Kfar Giladi – Tel:  052-2512915
  • HaShomer House Museum – Tel:  04-6941565
  • Tel Hai Courtyard – Tel: 04-6951333
  • The Birya Fortress – Tel:  04-6922433
  • The Restored Pioneer Village at Rosh Pinah – Tel:  04-6936913
  • The Kinneret Courtyard – Tel:  04-6709117
  • Naharayim Experience in Gesher – Tel:  04-6752685
  • The Palmach Cave – Tel: 04-9898946 ,052-4471109
  • The Historic Nahalal Police Station – Tel:  04-6415073
  • The Nahalal “Sliq” – Tel: 052-3347194
  • The Pioneer Settlers Museum – Kibbutz Yifat Tel:  04-6548974
  • HaReut Museum – Tel:   04-6432810
  • The Chaim Shturman House – at Kibbutz Ein Harud – Tel: 04-6486337 |  04-6486328
  • Beit HaMeiri, Tsfat – Tel:  04-6921939
  • The Tower and Stockade Museum at Hanita – Tel: 04-9859677
  • The Jezreel Valley Train Museum – Kfar Yehoshua – Tel:  04-9534226
  • Clandestine Immigration Boat Tour, Atlit – Tel:  04-9841980
  • The Goara Museum of the Hagana – Tel:  04-9597402
  • The Treasures in the Walls Museum, Akko. – Tel:  04-9911004
  • The Underground Prisoners Museum, Akko – Tel: 04-9911375
  • The Fisher House, Kiryat Ata – Tel:  04-8440207
  • The Museum of the First Aliyah in Zichron – Tel:  04-6294777
  • The Hannah Senesh House, Kibbutz Sdot Yam – Tel:  04-6364366   052-8795366
  • The Gdudim House Museum – Tel: 09-8822212
  • The Khan Museum, Hadera – Tel: 04-6322330 , 04-6324562
  • The Haifa City Museum – Tel: 04-9115888
  • The Herman Struk Museum – Tel: 04-6359962
  • The National Maritime Museum – Tel: 04-853662


  • The Israel Museum
  • The Open Museum in Omer
  • The Open Museum in Tefen
  • The Open Museum in Tel-Hai
  • Ramat HaNadiv in Zichron Yaakov

{slider Israel Defense Forces – IDF}

Every year the Israel Defense Force allows members of the public access to some of the army, navy or air-force bases.  The bases listed below will be open on Thursday from 9 am – 2 pm

Navy Base

  • Ashdod – together with the Ashdod Port

Army Bases

Northern Command

  • Beit Hillel, Elika and Maalot

Central Command

  • Hativa Merhavit – Shomrom & in the Beka
  • Kiryat Arba, ‘Um Tzefa’, Karmi Tzur, Alfei Menashe, Givat Hatachmoshet (Jerusalem), Ariel & Shaked

Southern Command

  • Machaneh Natan
  • Matzadot Natan
  • Matzadot Yoav
  • Rahan and Sderot Bases

Air Force

Israel Ground Forces – Infantry

  • Latrun

Air-Force fly-over

What is MATAS?

Air-Force jets will be flying over the following cities and towns (from 10:40am)

Beer Sheva, Yerucham, Dimona, Arad, Kiryat Gat, Jerusalem, Beit Shean, Afula, Nazareth, Tiberias, Katzrin, Tzfat, Carmiel, Nahariya, Haifa, Cesearea, Netanya, TelAviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim and Hatezerim

Navy Flotilla

Where: Dado Beach, Haifa

When: Thursday, 10:30am, the flotilla follows the parachute display (see details in Haifa section)

Friday Folk Dancing

Fifteen mass folk dancing events will be taking place on Friday, April 20th from 3pm, at 15 locations across the country.

Alon Shvut – Commercial center

Ariel – Pais center

Ashkelon – Nitzanim Beach

Carmiel – Municipality plaza

Dimona – Municipality plaza

Haifa – Zamir beach

Jerusalem – Safra square

Jordan Valley Regional Council – Beit Gabriel

Meitar – Sports court

Netanya – Kikar HaAtzmaut

Usifiyah – Main square

Petach Tikva – Hameyasdim square

Rishon LeZion – Municipality plaza

Ramlah – City tower

Tel Aviv – 1 Rothschild Blvd.

At 4pm Am Yisrael is invited to dance as one to the new ‘Hora 70’ (dance details to follow)

Kabbalat Shabbat celebrations will follow.  The event will end one hour before Shabbat.

Closing Event

Beer Sheva has been chosen to host the closing event at Park Beersheva on Saturday, April 21st at 8:30pm
Agam Buhbut, Orit Shachaf, Ilanit, Itay Levy, Eli Luzon, Berry Sakharof, Gidi Gov, Dana International, Danni Bassan, Danny Sanderson, Zehava Ben, Yuval Dayan, Yoni Rechter, Lior Elmaleh, Lilith Nagar, Mosh Ben-Ari, Miri Mesika, Margalit Tzan’ani, Nasreen Qadri, Svika Pick, Kobi Oz, Karolina, Shuli Rand, Shiri Maimon, Sarit Hadad and others,

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