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Israel Election News 2019

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Last Updated on July 11, 2021

Israel election news 2019.

Latest news & headlines from the New York Times, Jpost, Haaretz, Times of Israel & Ynet


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Survey shows Likud gained two seats

Blue and White remained at 30 seats, despite a week of bad coverage due to a State Comptroller’s report on his bankrupt company’s contract with the police and two TV interviews that did not go well…

Netanyahu Says He Would Not Appoint Gantz as Defense Minister if Reelected

‘Benny Gantz who is collapsing under the pressure of an election campaign will be not be a defense minister in my government,’ PM retorts

JERUSALEM — The Israeli election on April 9 was supposed to be a referendum on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Facing indictment on bribery charges and a stiff challenge…

Are ultra-Orthodox parties losing the allegiance of their younger voters?

The sixth in a series of articles and videos prepared by the Israel Democracy Institute in the run-up to April 9, explaining and critiquing what goes on during an election period…

One-On-One: The firebrand on the far Left

Ofer Kassif, the outspoken Jewish candidate on Hadash’s list for the Knesset, intends to challenge the dialogue in the country…

Gantz blames Netanyahu for Rabin assassination

Netanyahu: Gantz won’t be my defense minister…

Analysis // Seven Issues That Will Decide the Israeli Election

Or it could just be weed…

Feiglin says no preference between Gantz and Netanyahu for next PM

Ex-Likud MK, who heads ultra-nationalist libertarian Zehut that could emerge as kingmaker, says he’d join any government that will meet his demands…

Lebanese news: There is an ‘unprecedented’ ugliness in Israeli elections

Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen slammed the state of Israeli politics in a special segment devoted to the April elections.

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