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Israel InformationVolunteer in the Israel Defense Force - I.D.F.

Volunteer in the Israel Defense Force – I.D.F.

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Last Updated on September 2, 2021

Hebrew: צה”ל – צבא ההגנה לישראל


The Mahal Program

The Israel Defense Force or IDF programs, for overseas residents, enable young Jews from all over the world to strengthen their relationship with Israel and the Jewish people by volunteering for the IDF. The IDF programs aim to contribute to the defense of Israel, the Middle East’s sole democracy, and to provide knowledgeable and enthusiastic young leaders for Jewish communities.

Over one thousand young people from more than 40 countries have already joined the IDF through its exciting programs for overseas enlistees.

For more information, contact:

Daniel Katz

Mahal-IDF – Volunteers Organization

email: mail@mahal-idf-volunteers.org

website: www.mahal-idf-volunteers.org

Fax: +972-2-5346567

Phone: +972-2-5337040 from 9 AM to 6:30 PM 

The Sar-El Program

Are you interested in doing something meaningful for Israel & for the IDF? Join SAR-EL, a program which gives you a chance to work on an army base as well as to meet & work with Israeli soldiers. We have about 4000 volunteers a year from all over the world. Sar-El is part of the logistics unit of the IDF and our volunteers work on logistics bases all over the country, doing warehouse and supply work, filling soldiers’ kitbags, maintaining and repairing equipment, packing medical supplies, and a variety of other jobs. The schedule is on the website along with pictures of volunteers at work & their personal stories about their experiences. The website is www.sar-el.org

Please feel free to contact Pamela Lazarus at Pamela@sar-el.org 

If you would like more information on military service and joining the Israel Defense Forces, contact:

The IDF Information Center, HaKirya

Tel: 03-697 5144

37 Rechov Kaplan, Tel Aviv

The Lone Soldier Center

The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin is a non-profit organization founded and run by former lone soldiers.  The Lone Soldier Center is the only organization providing for all the physical and emotional needs of the more than 5,000 lone soldiers in the IDF before their draft,  during their service and following their release from the IDF.  The Center creates a community of lone soldiers by offering social events such as Shabbat and holiday meals, tiyulim (hikes), recreational activities, educational programs and more.  The Center provides one-on-one counseling, food, furniture, household appliances, assistance in finding apartments, adoptive families, support at ceremonies and other milestone events, post-army guidance, vouchers and so much more! For more information visit our website at www.lonesoldiercenter.com or call us at 02-502-2211.

Eran was a lone-soldier and this is his story.

The Druze Sword Battalion

Did you know that the Israeli Druze serve mandatory service in the Israeli military? The ‘Herev’ Battalion (Gdud Herev – גדוד חרב), also known as the ‘Druze Battalion’, is a ground force battalion in the regular forces of the IDF, consisting primarily of Druze soldiers.

Induction to the IDF

What every soldier should bring from home

What happens on induction day

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