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Coronavirus: Daily Israel Updates - June.

Israel's first Covid-19 Coronavirus case was diagnosed on February 21, 2020.  There are now over 24,000 diagnosed cases with over 300 deaths having been recorded.  Since the recent spike in cases began, we are seeing that the pathogen is far more widely spread, while there are hot-spot cities and towns, it is no longer concentrated on a few. We have to make lifestyle adjustments and learn to live with Corona.

Wear a face mask in public areas, keep the 2m social distancing directive and practice good hygiene.

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 30 June - 5:19am

  • As the world ebbs towards 10.5 million coronavirus cases, Israel records a total of 24,431 cases. Yesterday, 686 new cases were diagnosed.  Israel has not seen such a rise since March 31st when 663 new cases were diagnosed.  The number of active cases now stands at 6,904. Forty three are in serious condition and of them 24 are being ventilated. Another fatality yesterday brings the total number of deaths up to 319. Recoveries stand at 17,218 cases. - Worldometer
  • Hardest hit, according to the Health Ministry, was Ashdod reporting 55 new cases yesterday and Jerusalem reported 77 new cases.
  • Following his promise for 'new initiatives' yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Israel Katz announced on Monday a NIS 2 billion  recovery plan for self-employed workers and business owners to aid their recovery during the coronavirus pandemic. The plan includes special grants of up to NIS 400,000 for businesses whose turnover is up to NIS 20 million a year, who lost at least 60 percent of their gross revenue in May-June. Businesses with a turnover of up to NIS 100 million, who have lost at least 80 percent of their gross revenue during May-June, will receive the same compensation. Those who are self-employed with a turnover of up to NIS 300,000 will receive a grant as well, though the statement did not specify the exact criteria. 
  • National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) reports that, since the beginning of the crisis, 673,567 people have not yet returned to work.  Almost 1.1 million Israelis have requested unemployment benefits (Avtala).
  • Serological or antibody testing began Monday at Maccabi and Clalit health services, as part of an operation to carry out around 70,000 serological tests across the country. - Jpost
  • According to Sheba Medical Center’s Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, the average age of Israelis being infected is now around 40.
  • Israeli aviation company Israir has announced that it will cease operating all flights to the city of Eilat in light of the coronavirus crisis.  -Globes 
  • Only 289 'mask-fines' were handed out yesterday bringing the total number up to 2,608 - N12

29 June - 3:30pm

  • The Corona Cabinet latest decisions. From July 9th - N12 reports
    • Events in a closed venue - up to 100 people; outside events - up to 250 people
    • Weddings and Bar-mitzvot until 9.7.20 - 250 people.  Thereafter 250 people in an open space only - otherwise 100 people in a closed venue
    • Synagogues and houses of worship, circumcisions and funerals - up to 50 people
    • Cultural events - up to 250 people
    • Institutes of higher learning: remote examinations
    • Public servants - 30% to work from home
  • Summer schools will operate as intended starting on July 1 for kindergartners and children in grades 1-4. Several classes will be held outside, and if conditions allow, the average number of students per class will be reduced from 35 students to 28. - Jpost
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to take new initiatives to help the Israel economy heal - "I will make sure that the money that has been promised will get to people and will propose innovative new programs to get the economy moving."

29 June - 6:38am

  • Since the beginning of the outbreak there have been 23,735 diagnosed coronavirus cases in Israel. Yesterday 334 cases were diagnosed bringing the number of active cases to 6,363, thirty nine are reported to be in serious condition and 22 of these patients are being ventilated.  The total number of fatalities in Israel is 318 (2%).  - Worldometer.
  • Unemployment rate - 20.73% which is 0.6% less than the previous week.  - N12
  • Over the last 3 days Jerusalem reports 98 new cases, Bnei Brak - 67 cases, Tel Aviv-Yaffo - 57 cases and Bat Yam reports 46 new cases of the coronavirus. -N12
  • Corona cabinet met Sunday but no decisions were made.  Most are against reimposing restrictions. Meeting will resume today.
  • Also under discussion yesterday; increased monitoring of the public and extending the authority of regional inspectors.
  • Ministry of Health recommendations for the current wave:
    • Limitation of religious and other gatherings
    • Remote examinations for institutes of higher learning
    • Return to capsule working environment and work-from-home option
  • Prof. Jonathan Gershoni from Tel Aviv University’s School of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology “There is no change in the virus.  The virus has not weakened.”
  • Channel 13 poll: 85% of the population are concerned about the stability of their financial welfare.
  • Protests outside the home of Finance Minister Yisrael Katz continue.  Unlike others, members of Israel's entertainment industry have still not received financial compensation
  • International news:
    • Global death toll over 0.5 million.  More than 4,700 people are dying every 24 hours from COVID-19-linked illness based on an average from June 1 to 27. That equates to 196 people per hour, or one person every 18 seconds. - Reuters


28 June - 5:19 am

  • Some worrying numbers over the weekend in Israel: a total of 1,021 new cases diagnosed on Friday and Saturday bringing the total number of active cases to 6,102.  Forty one patients are in serious condition and of them, 23 are being ventilated.  Eight new deaths were reported over the weekend bringing the total number of fatalities to 317. A 19-year-old woman, with multiple underlying health conditions, died of COVID-19, over the weekend becoming the country's youngest victim of the pandemic.
  • A COVID-19 outbreak at a senior living home in the central city of Ramle attributed to health workers at the facility.
  • Coronavirus cabinet is set to convene on Sunday to weigh reimposing some restrictions as the infection rate in Israel continues to climb. On the agenda:
    • Number of people in a gathering: 20-30
    • Number of event guests: 150
    • Beach-goers: maximum numbers to de discussed
    • Capsule system for summer schools
    • Capsule system at the workplace
    • Work from home where possible
  • European Union: From July 1st, people from 'green' countries can begin to travel again.  Israel is NOT yet on the 'green list'. Among others; USA, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey on the 'red list'. Countries will either be graded green, meaning they are safe; amber, meaning they are less safe than green countries; or red, which will result in any passengers returning from them still needing to isolate for two weeks.  The list will be revised every 2 weeks.
  • In the diaspora
    • In South Africa 7, 210 new cases were diagnosed on Saturday