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Israel Cinema Day – 10 shekel movie tickets

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Last Updated on December 3, 2021

Great news for movie goers – 10 shekel movie tickets on Israel cinema day! 


Wednesday, October 27, 2021 is movie-day – when the 7th annual Israel Cinema Day takes place. For just 10 shekels a ticket you’ll be able to see a selection of movies at a theater near you.

Israel Cinema Day has been held since 2014, at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Israel Film Industry Association.

Israeli films are screened in dozens of cinemas around the country, for only NIS 10 per ticket. Screenings include premieres of many films, some having received an Ophir Award (Israel’s Oscars) as well as honors for prominent Israeli filmmakers.

In 2020 , cinemas in Israel were closed due to the Corona epidemic and Israel Cinema Day did not take place.

5 top picks (or pics) – What’s on the ‘must-see’ list? 

  1. Image of Victory is a stirring and thought-provoking epic about the Battle of Nitzanim in the War of Independence
  2. Let It Be Morning about an Israeli-Arab man who gets trapped in his village after attending a family wedding and details the pressures and conflicts in the Arab community.
  3. Here We Are, a touching film about a father and his adult son, who has autism.
  4. Class distinction is the central theme in Shake Your Cares Away – a wealthy widow opens her beach house to a group of homeless people.
  5. For history lovers! Winner of 3 Ophir Awards this year was Legend of Destruction – a retelling of the story of the destruction of the Second Temple.  

Whatever you choose, tickets go fast, so book early or expect long queues.

Yes Planet: www.yesplanet.co.il

Globus: www.globusmax.co.il

Rav Chen: www.rav-hen.co.il

Cinema City: www.cinema-city.co.il

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