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Save the IBA English News

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Last Updated on August 19, 2021

Update:  The IBA English News  no longer broadcasts


Information supplied by the AACI

Join the campaign to help save Israel’s English news broadcasts by writing to Members of Knesset and Government officials to ensure that English news is included in new Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation or continues to broadcast in the Israel Broadcast Authority, if the IBC does come into existence. Below is a sample letter which you can feel free to change.

To: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

As so many of my fellow native English speaking Israeli citizens, I rely for the latest local news on the IBA TV News in English at 4 PM on Channel 33. In fact, I organize my day around its scheduled broadcast or record it to watch later in the evening.

When I originally learned that the IBA was being reorganized, I was concerned that the News in English would disappear. I was reassured the English News would remain, so I made no protest at that time. Now I learn that under the new Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation, there is no provision for a news program in English. It appears my worst fears will become reality. This is unacceptable.

English has become the international language of communication. News Broadcasts in English are not only watched by native born English Speakers, they are watched by the myriad of immigrants and visitors from all over the world whose understanding of English is much greater than Hebrew. Additionally, IBA English News TV Broadcasts posted on-line provide a venue for Israel to show the world its side of the story.

English Speakers Vote and we have long memories.

(Your Name)


* Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon
* Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Gil Omer
* MK David Bitan
* MK Nachman Shai
* MK Michael Oren

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