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ElectricityInstructional video: Pay your Israel electricity bill online

Instructional video: Pay your Israel electricity bill online

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Last Updated on November 24, 2021

Step-by-step instructions for paying the Hevrat HaHashmal (Israel Electric Corporation) household electricity bill online.




Welcome to another Anglo-List  video – Paying your Israel electricity bill online. 

We know how difficult it can be to navigate digital services like this, so we are delighted to be able to share our step-by-step English instructions with you.  Make sure you have your latest electricity bill on hand as well as your identity details, your teudat zehut and your credit card details.

We begin the process with a Google search using the keyword string ‘israel electric corporation’ and the first result is the web address: w w w dot  i e c dot co dot il – that’s the website you need and so just click on the link to enter the site

The website has two language options – Hebrew and English.  The English site, like other websites of this nature, only includes corporate information and all digital and other services are executed via the Hebrew site.

Make sure you are on the Hebrew home page to pay your bill and If not, click on the Hebrew language option on the top left-hand-corner of the English web page.

Once you are on the Hebrew home page, you will notice Live chat options are available and the chatbox can be found on the left-hand-side of the web page.  Hevrat Hahashmas’s Chatbox is only provided in Hebrew.

Hevrat Hahashmal offer a host of digital services which we will cover in a separate video.  In the meantime, there is an article with instructions on how to do this on the Anglo-List website and we’ll post a link for this and other useful links in the comment section.  The digital services menu is on the right-hand-side of the web page.

In the center of the web page, you will see three blue blocks and one orange block, each leading to a separate service.  You need to click on the middle blue block as illustrated here.

You will be taken to a new web page and now the first step in the payment process begins…

Into the first space provided you need to enter your 9-digit contract number as it appears on your last electricity bill.

Into the second space provided you need to enter the last 4 digits of the invoice number which can be found directly under the Hevrat Hashmal logo on your electricity bill.

Enter the information and then click on the orange ‘continue’ button

In Step 2 of the payment process, you will be providing your credit card details, your teudat zehut details  and your personal contact information.  The system automatically fills in the shekel amount due.

All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in.

The field is the antispam, once you’ve filled that in, click  on the orange ‘continue’ button as  illustrated.

You will now move onto the receipt and confirmation section of your digital payment

Your Hevrat Hahashmal reference number, the credit card reference number and payment details are reflected on the receipt.  With that, you have completed the digital payment process. 

Remember, that when you provided your personal details, you filled in your email address.  You can now expect to receive an email confirmation directly to your mailbox from Hevrat Hahashmal as shown on this screen.

Just a point of interest…

New olim and those considering making Aliyah often ask us what their monthly budget for electricity should be.  Well as you can see, this particular bill was 350 shekels.  Bear in mind that electricity is paid in two-month cycles.  This bill reflects the summer consumption of a two-person household, using standard household appliances, some air conditioning and the daily use of a washing machine and dishwasher which are energy efficient.  In the winter months expect your electricity bill to be at least double.  Air conditioners and heaters running full time and dryers will add to the bill.  Also, if your apartment has a solar water system (a dud shemesh in Hebrew), you can expect to have hot water for at least 7-8 months of the year without having to switch over to the electric boiler or geyser.  That’s a huge saving in itself.

Your heating and cooling bills will also be dependent on your specific location in Israel and the climate in that area.  Heating and cooling costs in Jerusalem for example, will be different to those in Eilat.

We hope you’ve found this video useful and if you’ve enjoyed it, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and give us a thumbs up.   If you have a comment or question, feel free to share it in the comments section below.  See you again soon.

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