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Hebrew English: Housing Terminology

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Last Updated on November 7, 2021

Learn Hebrew with English and transliterations: Housing & Renting in Israel

Hebrew: דיור ומגורים

In your country of origin the terminology used to describe different types of homes may differ to those that are used in Israel.  Familiarize yourself with the local terminology and definitions.

Housing Definitions & Terminology

Villa (Transliteration: Vila)

A villa is free-standing, detached home, that sits on its own plot of land, unattached to any neighbors – size is irrelevant.

Cottage (Transliteration: Kotteg or Du Mishpachti)

A semi-attached house that sits on the ground and has a garden.  The property has a shared wall with a neighboring resident.  No other home is above or below.

Duplex (Transliteration: Duplex)

A two- or three- storey home that sits above and/or beneath another home it may have a garden and/or balcony.  New hi-rise buildings projects also include duplex (2 story) apartments.

Hi-rise (Transliteration: Hi-rize)

Most of the older apartment blocks in Israel have 4 or 5 storeys.  Today, many of the new developments are 10 storeys or more.

Penthouse (Tranliteration: Penthouz)

The penthouse refers to the apartment on the top floor of an apartment building ensuring there is no neighbor living above and usually having the largest balcony and the best view in the building.

Flat or Apartment (Transliteration: Dira)

A single storey apartment that may sit above and/or below another home.

Terraced (Transliteration: Medurag)

This refers to construction on a mountain side, where the homes have been built at different levels in order to accommodate the slope and height of the mountain.  Usually, homes are accessible by stairs or elevator from both the top and bottom of the complex.

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