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Home Ulpan

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 Home Ulpan
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Ramat Yishai, North District, Israel

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Learn Hebrew and live in the home of your own personal Hebrew teacher at Home Ulpan


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  • very disappointing


    Classes are disorganized, and much of the time is spent by the main teacher/owner telling her assistant teachers what to do. Instructional level goes up and down depending on who is there, including visitors checking it out. There is no real 'immersion', as the family speak very quickly among themselves and generally ignore the students. The house is not clean; no space is provided to store any food (only breakfast is provided); hot water is often not available for showers; the kitchen is grungy. No practical information is provided to orient new students on even basic things like location of the bus stop or where to find a laundromat.  There is no real care or concern for the students. This is a very expensive program for a very low-level service.
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