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Learn Hebrew: Do we drink or eat soup?

אוכלים או שותים מרק

hebrew drink or eat soup

It's winter and time to enjoy a hot bowl or cup of your favorite soup.  What is the correct Hebrew? Do we eat or do we drink soup?  The Academy of Hebrew Learning shared this Hebrew lesson with us.

Although you generally drink liquids, you eat with a spoon, so would you drink a cup of soup and eat a bowl of soup? Like in English, in Hebrew the word drink is most commonly used when you don't use an utensil. So in Hebrew, you would drink a cup of soup (without a spoon). However if you need to chew some of the ingredients and used a spoon, you would eat the soup.

Here are some useful Hebrew soup words


Hebrew Transliteration English
מרק Marak Soup
שותים מרק Shotim Marak Drink soup
אוכלים מרק Ochlim Marak Eat soup
מרק עוף Marak Of Chicken soup
מרק ירקות Marak Yerakot Vegetable soup
כף Kaf Spoon (noun)
מצקת Matzeket Ladle (noun)
קערה Ke'ara Bowl
אטריות  Itriyot  Noodles
קרוטונים Krutonim Croutons
בתאבון Betayavon Bon apetite!


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