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Jewish IdentityThe Hebrew month of Sivan

The Hebrew month of Sivan

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Last Updated on December 9, 2021

The Hebrew month of Sivan aligns with Gemini.

hebrew month sivan geminiRemember, Astrology is not about telling the future, nobody can do that. By understanding the energy of each month, we are able to navigate smoothly through the month, because one cannot act the same way every month. Every month has a different energy and it helps to know what that specific energy is.  The Hebrew month of Sivan has its own special energy.

Sivan is a very special month because the Torah was given in this month. The whole reason Hashem created the world was for the Torah to be revealed. Mount Sinai was that pinnacle of creation.
We know that every month has a different energy. For instance, Nissan has the energy of going out of bondage, while Iyar has the energy of the Omer, purifying ourselves for Mount Sinai and Sivan has the energy of immortality. There is no lack in the month of Sivan. We must also realize that for 39 days after the giving of the Torah, until the golden calf, there was exactly that same energy as the day the Torah was given.
One question we need to ask is what actually happened at Mount Sinai?
Yes, we did receive the Ten Commandments and the Torah. We heard the Voice of Hashem but how did it effect our lives? The biggest thing that happened at Mount Sinai was that there was suddenly immortality. When the Children of Israel said, “we will do and we will listen”, Hashem said to the angels, “Who taught my children the secret of the angels”, Shabbos 88a. At that point Hashem sent 1.2 million angels to protect the Children of Israel. There were 600,000 men between the ages of 20-60 and they represented the whole nation. There were two angels for each person and they formed a kind of halo over their heads. At that moment the angel of death lost his power and immortality reigned. Everybody was healed of every ailment. The people had just come out of slavery and were a beaten up nation, no arms, blind and many other problems. Suddenly everybody was 20 years old again and all ailments were healed. Imagine seeing your arm grow back. Women who couldn’t fall pregnant suddenly became pregnant. We had reached the level of Adam HaRishon before the sin. THIS is what happened at Mount Sinai. Think about this for a minute? Bila Hamavet LaNetzach, no death, immortality.

This is the energy of the Hebrew month of Sivan!!

As mentioned, when the Children of Israel said, “we will do and we will see”, Hashem said to the angels who taught them that secret. What is this big secret? The secret is that when an angel gets a job from Hashem, it does not ask questions. It just goes and does it. On the other hand, humans want all the details before they commit to something. If we want to tap into this energy of immortality, we have to become like the angels, just follow the Torah and don’t question Hashem. Surely Hashem knows what He is doing. This is the hard part, to have blind faith. Make a commitment this month to change some character trait that you have wanted to for a long time and Hashem will surely help you have a good month, no, a great month.
The Zodiac has twelve signs and these twelve are broken down into four groups, water, fire, air and earth. There are three signs in each group and these three represent right, left and central in each group. In Judaism we refer to these three as Chessed/Avraham, Gevurah/Yitzchak and Tiferet/Yaacov. The physical world is also made up of the a three column system. In an atom you have the proton, electron and neutron.
Teumim (also the Hebrew word for twins)/Gemini is an air sign and the central sign of the air signs, thus being the center of centrality. Everything about this month is central. Central represents balance and Gemini’s have the ability to reconcile two diametrically opposing concepts, to unify the right with the left and bring balance to a situation. The sign of Gemini, whose symbol is twins, is the duality found in the personality of people born in this month. On one hand they are very intelligent and incredibly quick and on the other they usually only get a superficial knowledge of things but think they have an answer for everything. Their tikkun/correction is to focus on the facts and follow through. They have to persevere.
The letters of the month are Reish and Zayin. Reish created the planet Mercury and Zayin created the astrological sign of Teumim/Gemini, ref. Sefer Yetzirah. The numerology of these two letters is 200 for Reish and 7 for Zayin. 207 is the same numerology as ein sof/endless world and Ohr/light and the Reish and Zayin make up the Aramaic word Raz which means secret, alluding to the secrets in this month. What is this secret?
In this physical world there are many things that science has proved to be true but people either don’t believe them or even if they believe them they don’t internalize them and live them. For example, science has proved that this physical world is made up of 99.99% air and that all matter is ultimately an illusion, yet how many people live this. They think their fancy new car or house is real and sometimes even treat them idols.
The Zohar says that Raz is a much deeper concept about a secret than a regular secret. What does this mean?
A regular secret is when somebody tells somebody else some information about a person or something, and tells them not to tell anybody else.  It is just between two people. A Raz is an open piece of information that everybody knows, but nobody follows. For example, this idea about the physical world being an illusion. The Zohar talked about this 2000 years ago. It states that the real world is the spiritual world and there is a curtain that separates the physical and spiritual worlds. Even though we live in the physical world, we have to connect to the spiritual world. How do we do this?
In spirituality, the first law is, cause and effect. This law states that change can only be made at the cause level. When one gets to the effect, it is already too late. The mind connects us to the spiritual world and our thoughts are what determines the outcome. The head connects to the highest Sefirah, Keter.
Chazal says: “The thoughts behind a sin is worse than the sin itself.”
This is a very deep subject, but what you have to realize is that physicality is a con. In this month, with these letters Reish and Zayin and Shavuot, we have the ability to go above physicality and connect directly to the spiritual. When we do this, we can change character traits at the root level.
This number, 207, is a very powerful number.
The line from the Ana Becoach is the sixth line, which has to do with our times(sixth millennium). There is also a deep secret to this line. It deals with how the angels do their jobs. They run with happiness to fulfill the Will of Hashem. This is also in line with what I said earlier about Hashem asking the angels who taught us their secret. Take this point to heart. It will help you a lot. The Ramchal says that alacrity, quickness to do things, is one of the best character traits to acquire. Why?  In his book, The Path of the Just, the Ramchal states that the possession of this trait of Zeal(alacrity) constitutes an extremely high level of spiritual development. A persons nature prevents him from attaining this because the physical world is controlled by gravity which pulls us down. In this month, with this line of the Ana Becoach, we can get the strength to overcome our nature and run to do Mitzvot.
The ruling planet this month is Kochav/Mercury. Mercury is the closet planet to the sun and it takes only 84 days to go around the sun, approximately a quarter the time it takes the earth to go around the sun. It is also the planet of communications. Mercury or quicksilver, is extremely sensitive to temperature variations and consequently reacts very quickly to them. The same goes for people born in this month, they react very quickly. Because Mercury is the closest to the sun it has the greatest affinity to the sun, signifying no lack and Mount Sinai proves this.
We also have two big Yortzheit’s/death anniversary’s on the holiday of Shavuot. David Hamelech is on the first day of Shavuot and the Baal Shem Tov is on the second day of the holiday. On these days we are able to connect to the Tzadik and draw koach/strength from them. It is advised to read the book of Tehilim/Psalms  or as much as you can on Shavuot to connect to David Hamelech. When we read Tehilim we connect to the great world which is called “Tehillah.” There is only holiness and compassion in this place.
Reading Tehilim is a big deal!!! 
We have to realize that people born in this month have these qualities and challenges this month, but everybody has these challenges this month. We all live through this month. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a month, we can act accordingly and have a better month. To act the same every month is like having the lottery numbers and not using them. Take control of the month. Tap into this awesome energy and bring immortality into your life, healing the parts  of your life that needs healing.
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