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Hebrew-English: Falafel

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Last Updated on January 12, 2022

Learn new Hebrew ‘Falafel’ words – a favorite Israeli food – with English and transliterations.

Are you one of those people that eats falafel at least once a week? Probably not, because if you did, you’d know these words.

For Israeli newbies and foodies, ordering a falafel is not as simple as it seems – there are lots of options; half-portion or full-portion, hummus and/or tahina, red cabbage or white, it can get complicated.

The falafel vendor has probably been in business for 32 years and is so efficient at his job that he is likely not to make eye contact with you, he’ll just continue watching the soccer game on TV, and while doing so, he will ask you a host of questions, so be prepared.

Here is a list of must-know words, phrases and questions for ordering your next falafel.

Falafel ballsKaduray felafelכדורי פלאפל
Flat breadLafaלפה
Garlic sauceRotev shumרוטב שום
Half a portion pleaseHatzi Mana Bevakashaחצי מנה בבקשה
Hot sauceHarissa / Schugחריסה / סחוג
How much does it cost?Kama ze oleh?כמה זה עולה
Sour picklesHamutzimחמוצים
Bon AppetitBetayavonבתיאבון
Very tasty (to die for)Taim Retzachטעים רצח
Do you want…?Ha’im ata rotzeh…??…האם אתה רוצה
To put (salad)…?La sim lecha (salat)…??…לשים לך (סלט)
Don’t put…Al tasim……אל תשים
Falafel on a plateFalafel b’tzalahat פלאפל בצלחת
Should I put it in a packet?La sim lecha b’sakit??לשים לך בשקית
Red cabbageKruv Adomכרוב אדום
Amba (mango pickle)Ambaעמבה

So this could be the conversation between you and the vendor:

Ani rotzeh lahazmin hatzi mana bevakashah

I’d like to order a half-portion of falafel please.

Ani rotzeh hummus, tahina, salat v’kruv adom

I want hummus, tahina, salad and red cabbage

Kama zeh oleh?

How much does it cost?


Thank you!


Bon Appetit

Now that you have mastered these words, you can order a falafel anywhere at anytime.

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