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Learn Hebrew in lock down! What is מל"ל?

Here is the next lesson in our series of 'Learning Hebrew in lock down'.  The words we have learned so far are all based on the current Covid-19 Coronavirus headlines in Israel.This time we are explaining the Hebrew abbreviation מל"ל  - pronounced MALAL.


Lets recap, this is what we have learned so far:

  1. The Hebrew word for virus and pandemic
  2. The abbreviation for Unpaid Leave
  3. The abbreviation for Chairman
  4. The abbreviation for Public Transport
  5. The abbreviation for the Home Front Command


Now, let's learn this new abbreviation

Abbreviation Transliteration Hebrew English



מטה לביטחון לאומי

Mateh L'Bitachon Leumi

National Security Council


This is how the abbreviation מל"ל  is being used in the news headlines now:

English: The Prime Minister has requested that MALAL develop a plan to end the lock down.

Hebrew: ראש הממשלה ביקש ממל"ל להכין תכנית לסיום ההסגר

Transliteration: Rosh HaMemshalah bikesh M'MALAL l'hachin tochnit l'siyum hahesger

Israel's National Security Council

Did you know that the National Security Council is Israel's central body for coordination, integration, analysis and monitoring in the field of national security and is the staff forum on national security for the Israeli Prime Minister and Government? (Wikipedia)


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