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Traffic violations, parking fines & points - latest news for Israeli drivers.

Heb: נקודות על עבירת תנועה

drivers license not validWhile it may now be easier for olim to convert their foreign driver's license to a local Israeli driver's license, the law on traffic violations and the point system for contraventions has been revised.

If you receive a ticket/fine (Heb. slang: report) for a traffic offense it will be registered in the police system, a copy of the license will be placed on the windscreen of your vehicle or handed to you personally.  You will also be sent a copy of the traffic fine by mail to your registered address.  Our Hebrew English translation of a parking fine here and from Hebrew to French - Contravention: Ticket de parking


New legislation from January 5th, 2018:

1,000 NIS fine + 4 points

For using your mobile phone even at a red light

1,000 NIS fine + 4 points

Sending/receiving message texts while driving or even at a red light

1,000 NIS fine + 4 points

Adjusting your navigation device while driving or even at a red light

100 NIS fine

Holding a cup of coffee (or any drink) while driving or even at a red light

New points scale for some common violations (fines or criminal charges may also apply)

These are just some - there are many more...



Failure to wear the luminous vest when required 2
Illegal turns 6
Motorcyclists failing to wear a helmet 6
New driver, unaccompanied 8
New driver exceeding the passenger limit 8
New driver driving beyond allowed time-frame 8
Driver and passengers not wearing a seat-belt 4
Not allowing pedestrians to complete their crossing at a pedestrian crossing 8
Allowing a non-authorized driver to use your vehicle 10
Refusing a breathalyzer test 10
Driving under the influence - DUI 10
Not driving with headlights as per regulations 2
Headlights not functioning properly 4
Driving without a license 8
Driving with the wrong license type/category 8
Driving with a suspended license 10
Hit and run 10
Driving through a red light 10
Failure to heed the instructions of a police officer 6
Overtaking from the right 4
Failure to stop at stop sign or give way to oncoming vehicle 10
Vehicle license expired more than 6 or 12 months 6


The full list of violations, in Hebrew,

Contact the Ministry of Transport

Information on fines, call the Israeli Courts National Information Centre: *35592

Enquiries:  Israel Police Traffic Department call center by phone, on *9666 or 1-222-9666

Emergency numbers


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