Monday, 01 March 2021
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Rav Kav Online, the smart, city-pass, transport card. New and easy ways to load your Rav Kav and other useful services.

The Rav Kav smart, city-pass transport card has made using public transport in Israel, cheaper and more appealing.  You can load your Rav Kav in various ways, but the newly revamped Rav Kav Online website, makes loading the smart, city-pass much easier as well as offering a host of other useful services.

rav kav online Egged 400

Until now you could load your Rav Kav at one of the Rav Kav vending machines at Central Bus Stations, at the Light Rail and Metronit vending machines, at some cash ATMs and of course, via the bus driver.

You could load your Rav Kav card via your Android smartphone and now this service is available on iPhone as well (from iPhone 7).  Download the App from the Google Store or App Store.

Register your account on Rav Kav Online

Hold your card at the back of your device and you are now ready to load your Rav Kav.  (We found that you get a better connection if you remove the cover of your phone)

Buy a Rav Kav card reader

For the princely sum of 5 NIS you can purchase a Rav Kav card reader at one of the service stations

Register you account on Rav Kav Online

Plug the card reader into your computer and load the card.

Remember the Rav Kav gives you a 90 minute window to make a second trip (at the same rate) at no extra charge.  Note. this is not so for the Israel Railways train service.


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