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Israel Road & Traffic Signs

Hebrew: רשימת תמרורים בישראל

Camel Israel road signThere are 255 road signs and 87 road markings in Israel.  Let's all become better and more responsible drivers.  Our list or road-, traffic-signs and road markings. Here are some you need to know:


Warning Signs 

STOP ahead   stop sign israel road signs  Rough road   Sharp left curve   
Sharp right curve Winding left curve Winding right curve
Curve left then right Curve right then left Winding road
Road narrows Narrow bridge Roadworks
Intersection Side road on the left Side road on the right
T-junction Staggered crossroads Roundabout
Minor road merging from the right Merger with major road from the left Minor road merging from the left
Merger with major road from the right Traffic congestion Falling rocks
Dangerous descent   Danger of skidding   Pedestrian crossing  
Pedestrians nearby israel road sign pedestrians nearby 80x80 Two-way traffic Speed bump
Wild animals Farm vehicles crossing farm vehicle crossing israel road sign Bicycle traffic crossing

Signs giving orders

With the exception of the "Stop" and "Yield" signs (an octagon and a downward-pointing triangle), signs giving orders are circular.


stop sign 85x85


Prohibitory signs 

Prohibitory signs take the form of a black-on-white symbol inside a red-bordered circle, sometimes with the addition of a red slash through the symbol (e.g. "No left turn").

Closed to all vehicles No entry No left turn
 No U-turn    Cars prohibited    Customs  israel road sign customs 70x80
Speed limit in km/h   Road where driving lessons are prohibited
 israel road sign learner drivers 80x80 Parking prohibited  israel road sign parking prohibited 80x80
Tractors and work vehicles prohibited Bicycles prohibited Pedestrians prohibited

Mandatory Road Signs

Mandatory signs bear a white symbol on a blue disk (e.g. "Turn right only")

Bicycle path only Pedestrian and bicycle path only   Roundabout/traffic circle israel road sign roundabout 80x80

Information signs

Signs giving information are generally rectangular (sometimes pointed at one end in the case of direction signage).

Highways in Israel are classified as national (single-digit number), inter-city (two digits), regional (three digits), or local (four digits), and route-marker signs are also colour-coded (respectively: blue, red, green, and brown) according to these classes.

National roads (Highway)  israel road signs national highway 80x80 Inter-city roads (Highway)   Regional roads (Route)  
    Local roads (Road)    

Directional Road Signs

Most directional signs to towns and cities are white-on-blue (motorways), white-on-green (other main roads), black-on-white (local destinations), or white-on-brown (tourist destinations: landmarks, historical sites, nature reserves etc.).

Direction on motorway

    Direction on main road
Direction sign     Tourist destination

Street Information Signs

Street-name signs are black on a white background

     Street Sign    

Parking Signs

The sign for permitted parking features a white-on-blue "P" for "parking" enclosed by the Hebrew letter "Chet" ("ח") for chanaya" ( חניה‎), which also means "parking").

Parking permitted

Parking permitted on sidewalk 

No parking 

Know these important road signs

Handicap parking Entry to freeway entry to freeway Entry to toll road
 Bus stop



 Height clearance

Public transport & cars with 4 or more passengers

Pedestrian crossing

Children playing in the street

Important transport vocabulary. Learn new Hebrew words with our free word sheets, with English and transliterations.


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