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Raanana Shopping Districts

Hebrew: מרכזי קניות ברעננה

Ahuza Street

ahuza street raanana

You'll leave the chaos of Tzommet Raanana - The Raanana Interchange behind when you turn into the quiet Ahuza Street.  Village shopping is what you'll experience here. Ahuza Street is the main street in Raanana and it is flanked with wide selection of stores on one end and residential buildings on the other. You'll find a vast array of shops  from designer to “dollar” as well as a large selection of eateries – coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Ahuza Street runs for many kilometers.  Each traffic light is numbered making it easier for newcomers and visitors to find their way. English is widely spoken in Raanana,

Favorite Shops on Ahuza Street

Big Deal is a 'dollar shop' a huge selection of household items sold at discounted prices and with a very low price tag.  The store has an ever changing selection of merchandise.  They have an excellent selection of accessories for “scrap-booking” and arts-and-crafts and lots of high quality disposable crockery and cutlery, suitable for even the smartest function.

Meatland specializes in imported items from back home.  If you are looking for chutney, Hersheys, a taco kit, Aunt Jemmimas, Tate & Lyles, meat pies, biltong, boerewors and many more.  They have a catering service and you can buy fresh and frozen prepared foods too.

The Felafel Shop was recommended by a Raanana resident..  They do an interesting twist on the regular, traditional felafel.  They offer a Mexican felafel portion and a Mediterranean felafel portion.   Chili and sweetcorn in the Mexican felafel and  pesto, goats cheese and eggplant are some of the ingredients in the Mediterranean felafel.

The Hummous Bar was rated as the best place to eat hummous in Raanana.  On a sunny day you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine too.

The Renanim Mall and The Park Mall are also favorite shopping districts...

You'll find more Shopping Malls in the database...


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