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Tips for purchasing online - Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Chinese Singles Day.

Looking for a bargain! Your online shopping list is ready.   Chinese Singles Day. Black Friday, Cyber Monday are on the horizon and early-bird deals are already available.  Take advantage of this opportunity to find deals and bargains online.  


Many international shopping sights are offering November bargains.Some are even offering pre-sale sales, warm-ups, lighting deals and flash sales. 

Popular sites for inexpensive clothing deals try Shein, Asos, or Lightinthebox. Try for handbags, jewelry, men's & women's clothing.

Joom is another website that offers anything from clothing and kitchen products to neon strobes for your tyres and digital alcohol breath-testers. It's much like Aliexpress so don't expect high quality. But, if you are looking for a mosquito repellent patch that you can pin on your baby's clothes (yes, this is what they advertised!!!!) then this is the website for you.

2020 is of course the year for facemasks.  At the onset of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic we were paying around 100 shekels for 50 disposable facemasks - on special offer this week at the Shufersal, we purchased 50 disposable masks for only 10 shekels.

On popular shopping websites, fabric masks can be purchased for anything upwards of 10 shekels.  Facebook and Instagram are full of ads for 'eco-friendly' masks and we've seen some tagged at as much as 150 NIS each.  The least expensive fabric mask on Joom is selling for 11 NIS and the gadget we loved most is the anti-fogging nose bridge clip that is also selling for 11 NIS.

If you are looking for well known brands of make up at half the price, try the Polish website Lady Make-up - you'll fall over when you see their prices! Lady Make-up's prices are half of those on Strawberrynet and of course, considerably less than in local Israel retail and pharma stores.

Gadgets & Electronics

Geekbuying is recommended for electronics.  A pair of bluetooth earpods retails for 30NIS - 985 NIS. Gearbest's prices start at 8NIS and go up to 750NIS for the same thing.

Some of our local readers recommended Zabilo for small and large electronics and appliances.

On Joom, one of the craziest items we saw was a 3D Saturn-shaped lamp that changes color - 16 different shades.  The lamp is described as follows: "Ball shape, smooth and comfortable to touch, will not hurt your hands, safe and convenient to use. Made of PLA material, non-toxic and harmless, eco-friendly, Fine workmanship, textured and delicate. Easy to operate, you can clap, touch or use remote control to switch the light".  You can get one of these for only 83 NIS

Purchasing clothing online

Choose the right size - take your actual measurements and compare them to the website's size chart.  Even though 100cm is supposed to be 100cm, when it comes to clothing the actual size isn't always the label size. Chinese sizes are much smaller and you might even need to order 2 sizes larger than you normally do.  

Watch out for scams and only buy from trusted sites. Read the product description and customer reviews carefully. Remember that photographs of the products can be deceiving. Clothes described as pure cotton arrive and they are not even close to 50 per cent cotton.   We've encountered seams that come apart as you try the item on. A tote described as being made from 'easy to wash canvas' turned out to be made of plastic

Item value

Make sure that the value of the goods listed by the vendor is in accordance with import charges, taxes and VAT regulations.  If your package is valued at $76 instead of $75, you will be liable for taxes.

20 top websites for Black Friday& Cyber Monday


Shop at Macy's

Has shopping at Macy's been one of your dreams?  The Macy's website has wonderful, quality items on offer.  The have a great sale on now with some items discounted by 60%.  A Michael Kors bag that sells for 1085 NIS is on offer for 651 NIS.  The bag is available in one color only and shipping to Israel is around 140 NIS.


In South Africa it's branded as Woolies, but in the UK its Known as M&S, Marks & Sparks or by it's full name Marks & Spencer - whatever you call it, this week you can purchase a pair of leggings for 15 £ as well as a V-neck jumper for the same price.  Delivery to Israel is 25 NIS.

Shop online in Israel

2020 and the coronavirus has brought about a change in our shopping habits and shopping online has become almost the only way to purchase merchandise and have it delivered to your front door.  (Note: from November 8th, street shopping reopens in Israel. Malls remain closed)

Shufersal has extensive online shopping options and you can purchase anything from a bed to a book shelf, mobile phones and even a baby monitor.  Their November price reductions include  a Samsung 50" Smart TV at 1,799 NIS, an electric Falcon scooter (korkinet) reduced from 5,990 NIS to an incredible 3,490 NIS. 

KSP (originally a computer and peripherals specialist) now has almost everything available on their website: they currently have some deals on watches. gas grills and coffee capsules

Building a website? Need a domain?

November deals are plentiful.  You can buy an inexpensive hosting package for $36 a year and get a free domain (a $15 value).  Looking for a plugin, extension or template for your Wordpress or Joomla website? There are 30%, 40% and even larger discounts on offer this month.  GoDaddy is offering COM domains for $2.50 - that's a good deal if you can find one with relevant SEO criteria.

Is it worth it?

With some 1 million Israelis unemployed or on CHALAT as a result of Covid-19 it is critical that you manage your shopping this November and always. Online or offline - make a list and stick to it. Just because a mobile phone cover is $1.50 doesn't mean you should order 10.  We need to exercise good shopping habits, set a good example and teach our children how to shop as well. 

Top Tips

  • November deals or not, use Zap to compare prices of locally available products all year round.  Zap used to be for electronics only but now you can compare holiday packages, furniture, security cameras and even motor bike helmets.
  • Make sure you shop around - a curtain tie-back was selling for 9 NIS on AliExpress, the identical item on Shein was 19 NIS and on Joom it was marked at 24 NIS.
  • Don't lose your sensibility over an item that sounds like a deal to good to be true.
  • Leave an honest review after you have received your goods - others are relying on your experience to make wise shopping choices.  If there are no reviews, steer clear.
  • Remember there are duties on any import to Israel over $75.

When online shopping goes wrong

  1. Before submitting your order to the vendor make sure that all contact details are correct especially your mobile phone number.  The postal authority will be sending a notification to your phone - if there is a typo in your telephone number, you might discover that your long-awaited parcel has been delivered to someone else. The vendor is not responsible and you would then be out of pocket.
  2. A tip from the postal authority - you might never get your parcel if it is addressed to a Post Office Box.  Use your street address especially for large items.
  3. In spite of easy return-policy claims by the vendors, often there is little you can do if the goods you received are not what you ordered. Returning the item in its original packaging is often a condition and you will probably have to pay the shipping costs back to the vendor. Be prepared to to shrug off bad purchases on the odd occasion.

  4. You know the frustration when your order never arrives! Submitting a dispute can be annoying and dealing with a customer service rep who has limited English skills is totally exasperating.  We recommend you purchase from vendors who offer PayPal options. Paying for purchases via PayPal has advantages.  If there is a dispute with the vendor you can also submit a complaint to PayPal who then take it up with their vendors. 

We don't wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Singles Day - we buy what we need, when we need it. Over the years, we have bought all manner of things online.  The most controversial item we ever bought was supposed to be a large slotted spoon for lifting and draining food items like pasta or deep fried food.  Everyone who sees it in our home wants to know why we keep a cat-poop-scoop in the kitchen...a perfect example of the advertised product not matching the item delivered but it definitely does the job.

Israeli shopping habits, best places, best deals and best experiences...