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Healthcare, Health & Medical Services in Israel




Webinar by Linda Avitan, MSW - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & its impact on families. Are you, or is your family dealing with ADHD? Practical information, tools and strategies

An overview of the healthcare system and health services in Israel

An in-depth overview of the Israeli medical and health-care system

Calling the emergency ambulance services

Magen David Adom - MADA - emergency services, private ambulances, payments and entitlements

Getting the Coronavirus vaccination

How and where to get the coronavirus vaccination for HMO members

Doctor's appointments & fees

Be prepared! What you can expect to happen at your doctor's appointment in Israel

Blood donation information

Blood donor criteria and blood donor stations country wide

Choosing a Health Fund - Heb: Kupat Holim

There are 4 Health Funds in Israel: Maccabi, Clalit, Leumit & Meuhedit and according to the law, you can become a member of any one of them. Which is the best one for you?

Changing & switching over to another Health Fund

Changing Health Funds is easy but there are rules and regulations for switching to another Kupah

Dehydration- signs, symptoms, causes & prevention

Life saving tips for preventing and treating dehydration during Israel's hot summer months

Dental care in Israel

Private dental care vs the Health Fund dental clinic

Family healthcare clinics - Heb: Tipat Halav

Ministry of Health family healthcare clinics, services and branches countrywide

The flu vaccine

Procedure for getting the flu shot or nasal flu vaccine in Israel


The Health Basket - Heb: Sal Briut

The Israel national basket of health services and medical entitlements

Doctors home visits

Emergency medical house-calls or regularly required home-visits day and night

Hospital care in Israel

Public and private hospital care and services, information, paperwork and admissions

Treating jellyfish stings

First aid for jellyfish. What is the best way to treat a jellyfish sting? Sea water, vinegar or urine?

Prescriptions & Medications

Meds offered in the Health Basket, generic equivalents, filling your prescription, labeling, dosage instructions and fees

What do I do in the event of a medical emergency?

Bikur Rofeh offers emergency medical services o the general public, health fund members, soldiers and insurance policy holders

Useful medical resources & assistance

The Ministry of Health, medical support and social services

Must know medical terminology

Free word sheet! Useful Hebrew, English and transliterated medical words and phrases

Mental health care services. Get help!

The 2015 mental health care reform. Mental health services are now the responsibility of the Health Funds

Israel's national health insurance law

The provisions of Israel's National Health Insurance Law

Medical and healthcare options in Israel for non-residents

Health insurance options and services for non-residents, internationals and expats in Israel

Organ donation & transplants

Register with ADI - the national body that oversees organ donation and transplants in Israel

Israel's patient's rights act

The legal rights of every patient in Israel as stipulated int the 1996 law

Paying for medical & healthcare services

Called Tofes 17 or Hitchayvut, you need payment authorization for numerous medical and ambulatory services as well as diagnostic procedures. A free Hebrew to English translation

Must know poison information

The Israel National Poison Information Center at Rambam hospital operates a 24 hour hotline for all your questions, queries and emergency situations

How do I register for a Health Fund - Heb: Kupat Holim?

New immigrants/olim can register for a Health Fund at Ben Gurion airport or at any post-office

Suffering from skin ailments? Free word sheet

Learn new Hebrew words for common skin ailments and conditions. With English and transliterations

Treating sunburn

Don't overdo it in the sun. Tips for sun protection and treating sunburn in Israel's harsh climate

What's involved in upgrading health services?

For an additional fee, you can upgrade your health services to a supplementary health package which incorporate services not included in Israel's Health Basket

Vaccinations & immunizations for babies & children

The Israel Ministry of Health suggests these vaccinations and immunizations for children

Measles outbreak in Israel

An overview of the 2018 measles outbreak; symptoms, treatment and vaccinations.