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Israel municipal and regional elections for 2018. 

Time to choose your new mayor or regional council head.

The upcoming municipal and regional elections are to be held on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018.  At this time new mayors and heads of regional councils will be elected.


israel municipal and regional elections 2018

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Eligibility to vote in Israel's upcoming municipal and regional elections

All Israeli citizens over the age of 18 are eligible to vote in national and municipal and regional elections.

To inquire about your eligibility and local voting station in the municipal elections, you  call 1-800-222-290 or fax: 1-800-222-291, or send a message containing your 9 digit identitynumber The identity card in 9 digits, including and the date of issue of the identity card, eg 20/07/2004 and text it to telephone number 050-8085500. 

Even if you do not receive the official voter's slip, you are still entitled to vote.

Your registered residential address

Make sure that your current residential address appears on your ID card. If you wish to change your residence address, you must contact the Population Authority by 20.9.2018 (Misrad HaPnim).Do not to wait until the last day as the change may not be absorbed in the systems in time.

Voting procedure on the day

The voter presents the secretary an identifying document to the secretary at the polling station..

The voter will be given official voting envelopes.

The voter then enters the voting booth and make his / her choice by inserting ballot into the envelopes:

To vote for the head of the regional council, choose a yellow ballot that must be inserted in a yellow envelope.

To vote for a local committee (a body that can be selected in some regional councils), choose a blue ballot that will be inserted into the envelope.

You may also use blank (yellow, white, blue) ballot notes and write in the blue pen the name of the candidate for the council head (first name and last name) or the letter of the list with the name of the regional council or the local committee.

Insert your ballot into an appropriate envelope.  A ballot without an envelope will not be counted.

A disabled person is permitted to bring an escort to the polling booth to help him/her with voting activities.

Note: if you do not know Hebrew you are NOT permitted to bring a translator to help you.

Submitting your ballot

Once you have cast your vote, you must return to the polling station table, show the envelope to the secretary and then insert it into the ballot box.

Permissible identity documents for voting day

You may present your Identity Document (Heb: Teudat Zehut)

A valid Israeli passport

A valid Israeli driver's license

You army identification card (Heb: Hoger)

Election day Sabbatical - a day off work. Yay!

Election Day - Tuesday, 30.10.2018, 21 Cheshvan 5769 - has been classified as a sabbatical day for employees (except for certain public services). It is a paid day.  Regular transportation services and other public services, as determined by the Ministry of the Interior, will operate as usual.

Learn new Hebrew words with English and transliterations

English Hebrew Transliteration
Regional elections בחירות לרשויות מקומיות Bechirot l'rashuyot m'komiyot


Without your vote, nothing will never change!


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