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Voter's Roll for Israel 2015

Are you registered?

 Hebrew - רשימת הבוחרים ל2015


israel voters roll


Make sure you are registered to vote in the upcoming elections. You can verify by fax or telephone:

  • If your name appears on the voter's roll
  • Your registered address and closest polling station
  • If your polling station is handicapped friendly
  • A list of polling stations that are handicapped friendly

This telephone line will be operational until Thursday 22.1.2015

Call: 1-800-800-508

  • The automated phone line will be operational 24 hours a day except for Shabbat
  • Information will be provided in the following languages:  Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English and Amharic

Speak to a representative on Sunday - Thursday from 08:30 a.m to 22:00 or on Friday from 08:30 - 12:30

Send an SMS to 052-9995522.  Please note that your SMS must include your 9 digit identity number as it appears in your Teudat Zehut - Identity Document.

You can also send a fax to tel. no. 1-800-800-608



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