Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Polling stations for disabled voters.

Hebrew: קלפיות מותאמות למוגבלים בניידות


Provision has been made for disabled voters in the upcoming elections and they will be able to exercise their right to vote at a polling station that has access for the disabled.

According to Israeli  law it is required that:

  • In each district, there be at least one polling station with easy access for the disabled.
  • In a district that has more than 20 polling stations, at least 2 of them must have easy access for the disabled.

How do I know if my polling station is disabled friendly?

In the last few weeks, you should have received a pink voter's information slip in the mail.  In addition to your personal information and the address of your polling station, the slip should indicate if the station is disabled friendly. 

If you are disabled you are entitled to vote at any polling station in your district that is disabled friendly.

If the disabled polling station nearest you, does not suit you, you can then cast your vote at any station which is suitable.

To verify if you, the disabled person is registered to vote at the disabled friendly station near you, please follow this link and verify on the Israel government website.  Please note that the website is in Hebrew

To check the list and verify which polling stations, in your area, are disabled friendly, please look here (Hebrew only)


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