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Israel Elections March 2015

Election news & updates from the press


newspprAnnounced on the 2nd December, 2014 Israel will be going to the polls yet again.  March 17th, 2015 is the date that has been set for the elections.  Only 2 years have passed since the last elections.  Countdown to the 20th Israel Elections has begun.  Who is likely to win and who is going home?  

Dozens of Arab students walk out of Bennett speech

Event at Tel Aviv University devolves into shouting match. 'That is the way of the left,' Bennett responds, 'to run away and not to listen.'

Biden, Kerry meet with Herzog; both to skip PM in DC next month

In Munich, VP and secretary discuss security with opposition leader, who says Netanyahu will face ‘complete boycott’ by Obama administration in March

Israel election updates / Deadline to submit Knesset slates passes; Likud to contend alone

47 days to go: Kahlon declined Netanyahu's offer of treasury in exchange for merger; stormy day for Habayit Hayehudi: Eli Ohana, Dani Dayan quit; Right-wing MKs submit petition to disqualify Israeli Arab MK Haneen Zoabi.

Yesh Atid Presents Eerily Similar Knesset List to 2013

Days before the Central Elections Committee deadline, Yair Lapid presents his party's list for the 20th Knesset - all appointed by him.

Caroline Glick to be offered Likud spot

PM Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly be offering the reserved spot for women on the Likud list, position #11, to Caroline Glick, according to an Israel Channel 10 report.

Lieberman presents party list: Orly Levy, Landver in top three spots

Yisrael Beytenu list for 20th Knesset features two women in top three slots; Safed Mayor Ilan Shohat takes fourth place, journalist Sharon Gal in fifth.

The Likud must remove an ad featuring children dressed up as party leaders Tzipi Livni, Naftali Bennett, Avigdor Liberman and Yair Lapid playing wildly in a preschool was posted online over the weekend, Central Elections Committee chairman Justice Salim Joubran ruled on Tuesday.

Kippa-wearing Yesh Atid candidate endorses Shabbat public transport

Orthodox MK Elazar Stern adopted Yesh Atid's party line on allowing public transportation on Shabbat at a Tel Aviv press conference with party leader Yair Lapid Sunday in which he announced he was joining the party.

PM nixes unity government with Zionist Camp party

Netanyahu blasts Labor-Hatnua party list, says there is a ‘huge gulf’ between Likud and new ‘radical left, anti-Zionist’ political bloc

The combined Labor-Hatnua list would win three more Knesset seats than the Likud, 25 to 22, if the election were held now, according to a Panels Research poll taken for The Jerusalem Post and its Hebrew sister publication, Maariv Sof Hashavua.

Bearded Bennett unapologetic

In new campaign video, Jewish Home party leader says it’s time to stop saying sorry and start loving Israel..

Half of Israelis want Netanyahu out, poll says

While 53% want a new prime minister, voters are divided on who might be a worthy successor...

Israel election updates / Labor approves unity deal with Livni's Hatnuah

Shas leader Deri wins backing of Ovadia Yosef's daughter; Lieberman accuses Likud of 'hysterics'; former settler leader to run for Habayit Hayehudi place; MK Stern: I won't leave Hatnuah.

After 30 years, Eli Yishai looks set to leave Shas

Yishai will likely be pushed out of haredi party over spat with party chairmain Aryeh Deri; sources close to Yishai say he's considering teaming up with Uri Ariel to form new party...

Livni, Herzog announce unity deal with rotation for role of prime minister

Netanyahu launches election campaign with call for zero VAT on basic foods

Prime minister stresses wider benefits from exempting food instead of housing, as rival Lapid had planned.  Kicking off his election campaign on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised he would act to exempt basic food products from the 18% value-added tax and double the grants awarded to newly demobilized soldiers...

All the things that won't happen because of 2015 elections

From the budget to nutrition campaigns, housing to hospitals, the apparently imminent election has shunted many pressing plans and programs into the back seat...

Satmar Officials Offer to Pay Israelis Not to Vote

Anti-Zionist Hassidic sect has offered $100 to any Israeli who does not vote in upcoming March elections.,,

Israeli elections 2015: How much faith should we have in the polls?

It was hours after Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to dissolve the Knesset that the pollsters were at work. By prime time, when Netanyahu gave his speech that doubled as a campaign launch, the first major television polls were out. How much faith should the public put in these early figures? 

Terror, religion, PR – what will decide the 2015 election?

A number of new trends that have surfaced, or are at least more prominent now than they were at the ballot box in 2013, could affect the outcome in this round of voting.

The disastrous meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid on Monday night succeeded in only one aspect: It put the third Netanyahu government out of its 20-month misery. There’s no official date yet but there is now no question that 2015 will be an election year in Israel...

Israeli elections 2015: It's everyone vs. Netanyahu

PM knows this election will be about whether he deserves a fourth term.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened his election campaign Tuesday night with a televised speech in which he detailed, at excessive length, all his woes as head of a nasty government full of ministers who insulted him, provoked him and plotted a “putsch” against him. He described how they forced him to approve the zero-VAT bill and to approve criminal sanctions on draft-dodging yeshiva students......

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