Monday, 01 March 2021
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Driving Lessons, Getting an Israeli Driver's License

Survey Results 


surveyFor the sake of other new immigrants, or those contemplating Aliyah, we wanted to know more about the process of  getting a driver's license in Israel.  We asked the community to answer 7 short questions relating to this aspect of Aliyah and relocation.  

Respondents were invited to leave their comments at the end of the survey.  Many respondents suggested that the system of obtaining a driver's license, in Israel, is corrupt, disorganized and in serious need of revision.  We will investigate these issues further in our next survey

Thanks to all of the 478 respondents.






Survey Summary

Two thirds of respondents took less than 5 lessons to convert their license and spend less than 1,000 shekels doing so.  Almost two thirds passed their driving test, first time around.



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