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Seaside savings – where can you find the best value holiday home?

As winter approaches and the weather takes a turn for the worse, a longing for sandy beaches and sunnier climes is only natural.

So what better time to start thinking about a holiday home – a place the family can jet off to any time of the year?

If this sounds appealing but you’re struggling to settle on the best location, read on to discover some of the most in-demand holiday-home locations for 2020.

Buy you holiday home in Netanya, the ‘Israeli Riviera’

Average temperature June-August - 25°

Days of sunshine – 246

Approx. cost of a luxury three bedroom property - $900,000 - $2,000,000

The city of Netanya, just 30km north of Tel Aviv, used to be one of Israel’s best kept secrets. Even though the city is now more popular, it still offers an ideal site for the ultimate getaway.

With its spacious promenade, children’s parks, and rugged coastal cliffs, Netanya has the feel of an ancient European seaside resort, so no surprise locals call their beautiful city the 'Israeli Riviera'.

Offering several miles of the cleanest and most picturesque beaches in the region, the comparison is certainly an easy one to draw, with a distinctly Mediterranean flavour making Netanya a unique alternative to the usual summer hot-spots.

Don’t delay in snapping up a property in the city however as the secret of Netanya is out, with the world waking up to the capital of the Sharon plain and its many charms.

Best value holiday home netanya

Netanya, Israel - best place to invest in a holiday home (Unsplash)

Cornwall’s enchanting coastline

Average temperature June-August - 19°

Days of sunshine – 187

Approx. cost of a luxury three bedroom property - £600,000 - £3,000,000

Whether you’re wandering the tropical gardens of the Eden Project, watching a show at the historic Minack Theatre or exploring Tintagel Castle (home of the legendary King Arthur) you’re sure to be enchanted by Cornwall’s old and new world charms.

As warm air blows in from the Gulf Stream, Cornwall avoids the usual grey skies associated with the rest of the country and instead enjoys sunshine enough to keep the county’s tropical gardens and wild palms flourishing.

In terms of property, Cornwall’s rugged coastline has something for everyone.

How about a penthouse next to one of the world's premier surfing destinations at Fistral Beach in Newquay? Or maybe a waterfront property on the prestigious Restronguet Point, a perfect launch pad for sailing the calm waters of the Carrick Roads?

If peace and quiet is a preference, look no further than the western foot of Cornwall where rolling hills, crashing seas and lush countryside provide the perfect mix of beautiful scenery and seclusion.

Mallorca, a taste of the Mediterranean

Average temperature June-August - 25°

Days of sunshine – 300

Approx. cost of a luxury three bedroom property - €700,000 - €2,000,000

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is often referred to as the star of the Mediterranean and is one of the most visited summer destinations in Europe.

While much is made of Mallorca’s incredible beaches and azure seas, it might be argued that local cuisine is the real star of the show.  

Platters of traditional trempó, paired with fine Mallorcan wines offer a true taste of the Mediterranean and a great way to cool down after the sizzling intensity of the summer heat and days spent swimming in crystal clear waters.

In recent years locals have started to revamp traditional villas, townhouses and farmhouses, offering you a chance to own your own slice of this historic island.

Mallorca is also a prime spot for the rental holiday market with attractive returns if you intend to let out your property when you’re not using it.

Miami, the city of lights

Average temperature June-August - 33°

Days of sunshine – 248

Approx. cost of a luxury three bedroom property - $1,000,000 - $20,000,000

Seeking a more metropolitan retreat? Then Miami, Florida offers the perfect blend of chilled beach atmosphere and big-city bustle.

Intermingled with the sparkling sands of Miami Beach and blue hues of Biscayne Bay you’ll find Luxury fashion houses, a lively arts scene and energetic nightlife in a city packed with excitement and adventure.

Unsurprisingly, beachfront properties are in high demand, but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one you’ll secure unparalleled access to one of the most popular beaches in the world.

Even away from the beach, Miami has an undeniable allure, with an eclectic mix of contemporary architecture and gorgeous art deco properties. No matter how specific your tastes, you’re sure to find something to suit your fancy.


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