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Are you entitled to a discount on your electricity bill in Israel?

Hebrew: הנחות בחשבון החשמל בישראל


energy saving


Certain sectors of the Israeli population are, according to the law, entitled to a discount on their electricity bill.


Recipients of Bituach Leumi benefits who are entitled to an electricity discount:

  • Pensioners
  • The elderly and disabled
  • Those receiving special services from Bituach Leumi
  • If you have a disabled child
  • If you have a child who requires specialized assistance
  • If you have a child who required specialized medical assistance
  • A person requiring constant nursing care
  • A person receiving an income stipend - 'havtachat hachnasa'
  • A certified single parent caring for at least 3 children
  • Holocaust survivors
  • Lone soldiers in the Israel Defense Force - IDF - under certain conditions

Hevrat HaHashmal allows you a 50% discount on the first 400 kilo-watts, you are then responsible for the balance. 

Paperwork with the Israel Electric Company - Hevrat HaHashmal

  • If your electric bill is registered in your name then there is no need to do anything.  The electricity discount will automatically be deducted from your bill.  If for some reason you are not receiving the discount, call the Israel Electric Company at tel. no. 103 and inform them that you have not received the discount. If you are entitled to the discount retroactively, you will receive interest on the outstanding amount.
  • If your electric bill is not registered in your name then you must immediately have the account transferred to your name in order to get the discount.  Call 103.  Give them your identity number (teudat zehut) and arrange the transfer.  Once the transfer has been processed,  your discount should automatically be deducted from your account.  You will debited with a one-time administration charge of  8.26 shekels incl. VAT (valid at 16.5.2013).
  • If you live on a kibbutz, a hostel or retirement home,  liaise with the responsible person at your establishment, who will arrange the discount on your behalf.


  • The Aliyah Benefit Basket - Sal Klitah - does not include electricity discounts.
  • Verify you eligibility for an electricity discount with Bituach Leumi. 
  • Liaise with Hevrat HaHashmal - The Israel Electric Company


Do your bit to save electricity - switch off the lights, turn off the computer and TV when not in use. Install a timer on your hot water boiler and remember to install electricity saving light bulbs.  More electricity saving tips >>


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