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Israel TransportDisabled Parking in Israel.

Disabled Parking in Israel.

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Last Updated on November 1, 2021

Parking for the disabled & handicapped in Israel in a nutshell.

Hebrew: תג חניה לנכה

Adapted from an article in Kol-Zchut.

handicap disabled parking in israel
Street markings – disabled parking    Image credit: Unsplash

The Vehicle Licensing Bureau (Misrad HaRishui) issues disabled parking permits in Israel.

  1. People with disabilities may receive a disabled and handicapped parking permit for two vehicles provided that both of them are used by the applicant
  2. Only one of the vehicles is eligible for a reduced license fee (of only 27 NIS)
  3. Vehicles with disabled parking permits may park in areas designated for the disabled and in places where parking is not normally permitted, when certain conditions established by the Handicapped Parking Law are met; primarily that traffic is not disturbed.
  4. In many cases, vehicles with disabled parking permits may park for free on sidewalks marked in blue and white. This is not a national regulation, the specifics should be checked with each local authority. (For example, according to the Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beersheva call centers, this is the case)
  5. A vehicle with a disabled parking tag featuring the symbol of a wheelchair may drive in the lane designated for public transportation as long as the person with disabilities is in the vehicle.
  6. When parking, the permit must be placed on the left front window of the vehicle or the driver’s side window such that it can be seen clearly.
  7. Beginning in March 2019, a parking permit that is given permanently is valid for the person’s entire life (and is not renewed every 8 years).
  8. Beginning 15.04.2018,  parking permit tags are issued without the license numbers of the vehicles (vehicle details are listed in the Transportation Authority).

Types of Permits

  • Three types of permits are issued to those who are eligible:
    1. A blue badge with the symbol of a wheelchair – for the handicapped requiring a wheelchair or vehicle traffic due to their limited mobility.
    2. A tag with a green triangle symbol – for those who are disabled but not confined to a wheelchair.
    3. Both types (the blue wheelchair icon and the green icon) that has a flower on it – for disabled IDF veterans.
  • The disabled parking law makes no distinction between the different types of tags.
  • According to section 71a-1 Traffic Ordinance (New Version) vehicles with a wheelchair symbol may travel in the lane for public transport when the person with a disability is in the vehicle.


  • A request for a disabled parking permit can be submitted by someone suffering from an illness, or several illnesses that make walking difficult, someone for whom movement is dangerous to his/her health, or someone who is home-bound. The request is based on the most updated medical reports.
  • According to section 1 of disabled parking law holders of a Certificate of Blindness/Visual Impairment are eligible for a disabled parking permit, or with confirmation from a qualifying doctor that they meet on of the following conditions:
    • Individuals for whom medical disability has been established as at least 60% and for whom mobility without a vehicle is liable to negatively impact his/her health
    • Individuals with limited walking capabilities who require a wheelchair for mobility purposes
    • Individuals with disabilities in need of a vehicle as a means of transportation because of disability in their legs
    • IDF disabled veterans – with the approval from the Ministry of Defense
    • Blind individuals – with approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services
    • Victims of hostile acts – with approval from the National Insurance Institute (Hostile Actions Casualties Department) that they are disabled and that mobility without a vehicle is liable to be hazardous to their health

For more information about the medical criteria for disabled parking permit eligibility, see the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety website

How to obtain a disabled parking tag

You must have all of the following documentation when requesting a disabled parking permit:

  1. Disabled vehicle permit request and vehicle registration exemption form
  2. Photocopy of identification card (teudat zehut) + attachment (sefach)
  3. Photocopy of vehicle registrations
  4. A letter signed by the applicant indicating the number of tags requested (up to two vehicles)

NOTE: Your disabled handicapped parking permit from abroad will NOT be recognized in Israel.  Only an Israeli permit is valid in Israel and using anything else will result in a hefty fine. If you have used your permit from abroad here in Israel, and gotten away with it, then you can consider yourself lucky!

Contact information

Call center for inquiries: 1-222-56-78 or *5678

Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday 07:00-20:00

Friday and Holiday Eves 07:00-13:00

More information on Kol-Zchut website.

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