Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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Enduring Power of Attorney.

By: Adv. Mike Zaslansky

For those of you who don’t know, the new Enduring Power of Attorney  (EPA) is one of the results of a cultural shift in the way we relate to persons who may need care after losing their cognitive powers, as a result of accident or illness. Today, with the aid of specially qualified lawyers, one can file, in advance, a Power of Attorney that comes into force (generally speaking) only if and when one becomes incapacitated…. and in this way one avoids the necessity of going to court for the appointment of a guardian to handle one’s affairs with all the trauma and expense involved – if this become necessary one day. While this is a really worthwhile development, there are advantages and disadvantages which must be considered. 

The Enduring Power of Attorney may only be handled and executed under the supervision of an Israeli lawyer who was specially trained for this purpose by the Administrator General.  The Enduring Power of Attorney  can be use for medical purposes as well as for financial purposes - and the appointees for each kind of service can be different people.

enduring power of attorney 100x100English translation of the Enduring Power of Attorney for download 

TAKE NOTE: This English translation of the Enduring Power of Attorney is for information purposes only.  As of now only the Hebrew version can be registered..

The government has prepared a useful animated guide that explains most of the above in about 8 minutes….. CHECK IT OUT (Hebrew only


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