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Quick-Read: Daily Israel Coronavirus Updates for September.

More than 7 million cases of the coronavirus were diagnosed worldwide in August (one million every 4 days). September has seen over 8 million new cases (one million every 3.5 days).

In Israel, August brought 40,000 new cases any by 1st September more than 118,000 cases had been diagnosed.  On erev Rosh Hashana (18 September) a total number of 179,071 cases had been diagnosed in Israel.  Erev Yom Kippur (27 September) a total of 227,000 cases had been diagnosed.  The average number of daily cases in Israel has shot up from 5,000 and the seven day moving average is now over 7,000 cases.

Prof. Roni Gamzu's traffic-light plan was finally approved. The new academic year commenced but has it been the catalyst for the third wave? In spite of quotas set on public gatherings, weekly demonstrations with thousand of participants continue across the country.  The government approved a second lockdown commencing Friday, September 18th (Erev Rosh Hashanah).  The lockdown was further tightened commencing September 25th with restrictions for Yom Kippur prayers and outdoor gatherings clearly defined. Hospitals are taking strain and some corona wards are already 100% full.

We anxiously await a vaccine but in the meantime, each one of us has a personal responsibility to improve the situation and do our absolute best to protect ourselves and the community from infection. In a closed area, the virus can remain active for up to two hours.  Please wear your masks, inside and outside, and adhere to social distancing and hygiene directives. It's up to us.


Diagnosed cases of the coronavirus in Israel since the onset of the pandemic - 3 and 7-day moving averages (Image credit: Worldometer)


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