Monday, 01 March 2021
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Lockdown details, exit strategy, red zones & the traffic light system.

In the fight against the coronavirus, Prof. Ronni Gamzu (Israel's Coronarus Coordinator) put a traffic light system into place  Cities, towns and regional councils are divided into; red-, orange- yellow- and green-zones and scale of restrictions are in place for them accordingly.  Zoning is reassessed every 2 weeks. On the eve of the second lockdown in September, 98 per-cent of Israel was either 'red' or 'orange' and only 2% was 'green'.  The second, 3 week lockdown, commenced on September 18th. On October 1st, it was announced that the exit strategy could take 6 months to one year to be fully implemented.  October 18th saw the reopening of small offices in the private sector.  November 1st will bring some relief to parents of first to fourth graders who will be going back to school.

 exit strategy