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Coronavirus: Daily Israel Updates – April 2020

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Last Updated on July 8, 2021

Coronavirus: Quick-read Israel updates – April.


  • Recovery rate now more than half of diagnosed cases
  • 15,870 diagnosed cases of Coronavirus in Israel, 219 deaths, 117 in serious condition, 85 on ventilators, 8,412 recovered
  • Plan to re-open the education system (final approval expected Friday)
  • Hospitals to start condensing their Corona wards but every hospital will have one in the event of a second outbreak
  • Leaving home for work purposes and trade is permissible. No distance limitation.
  • Plan to increase public transport and re-opening of rail system
  • Public swimming pools remain closed


  • 15,555 diagnosed cases of Coronavirus in Israel, 204 deaths, 126 in serious condition, 96 on ventilators, 7,200 recovered
  • The condition of Hadas Bitton, an 11 year old girl, diagnosed with Coronavirus, continues to be serious but stable.
  • Gradual return of children to kindergartens and elementary schools from May 3rd.  Mayor of Tel Aviv “the current plan does not help parents who need to return to work”.
  • Private kindergartens threaten that they will no re-open until they receive compensation
  • The Prime Minister considers re-opening the open-air markets
  • Countrywide curfew comes into effect at 5pm until after Yom HaAtzmaut (no public transport and other directives)

World news:

  • More than 3 million people, around the globe, infected with Coronavirus
  • Italy, Spain, Germany and some US states planning their exit strategy


  • 15,443 cases in Israel, 201 deaths, 133 in serious condition, 96 on ventilators, 6,932 recovered
  • The number of recoveries continues to grow (497since yesterday) as the number of new cases continues to decrease (145 since yesterday)
  • Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism program of events and restrictions
  • Shopping malls expected to open after Yom HaAtzmaut also nature parks and cinemas
  • Beaches, function halls and theaters still to remain closed.
  • Large retail chains offered a rebate for every worker who returns from Chalat on the promise that his/her job is secured for 6 months. Decision not final.


  • 15,298 cases in Israel, 199 deaths, 127 in serious condition, 99 on ventilators, 6,435 recovered
  • The number of Israelis who have recovered from the virus has now exceeded the number of new diagnoses for the tenth day in a row
  • 408 patients are recovering in hospitals, 1,762 patients in corona hotels, 5,693 people are fighting the virus at home and the rest are waiting for a decision
  • All street shopping to open – some 200 chains protest, remain closed and demand compensation
  • No more warnings; 200NIS fine for ages 7 and upwards for not adhering to face-mask regulation
  • New education directives to be finalized and, from May 3rd, are expected to include:
    • Kindergartens to open up to 3 days per week
    • Grades 1 – 3 to return with small groups of children
    • Grades 10 – 12 return to school to prepare for bagrut matriculation exam in group of 10 students
  • Neighborhoods in Netivot and Beit Shemesh under curfew


  • 14,803 cases in Israel, 192 deaths, 139 in serious condition of them 109 on ventilators, 5,611 recovered
  • Good news! Daily number of recoveries continues to rise over the daily number of new cases
  • Rabbi Abraham Yeshayahu Haber, aged 55, dies of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  Diagnosed last week, his condition deteriorated rapidly even after receiving 2 plasma treatmentsץ  Rav Haber was the Chairman of the charity “Gift of Life” and organization which connected kidney patients with donors.  His funeral attended by members of his immediate family only.
  • The outline for getting the children back to school
  • Government to urge large companies to return workers who were on ‘Chalat’
  • Self-employed to receive compensation of up to 10,500 NIS per month
  • Take-away food services allowed. Street-shopping to open almost fully.  Certain sectors remain closed.
  • Health Minister Yaacov Litzman requested to resign his position


  • 14,498 cases in Israel, 189 deaths, 141 in serious condition of them 106 on ventilators, 5,215 recovered
  • 8 infected families refuse to move into Corona Hotels
  • This week there has been a 100 percent increase in the number of diagnosed Coronavirus cases
  • Fewer daily diagnosis, more daily recoveries
  • A second wave; If the public disregards directives we can expect the rate of infection increases again and can expect around 6,000 people to be on ventilators by July.  (Make sure you wear masks when you are outdoors and practice social distancing)
  • Police to become more vigilant – more fines for people not wearing masks
  • More businesses permitted to open this week but thousands of workers sent home on ‘Chalat’ as businesses fear returning their workers
  • Small business owners expected to receive an additional 3,000 NIS over and above the compensation they received earlier
  • Medium-sized businesses are to receive compensation of 50 percent for their rental and insurances expenses for March and April
  • Bennett: “We need to take care of the elderly by increasing testing”
  • Ministry of Education estimates that schools will not return before May 3rd, 2020
  • The government to consider relaxing some of the current restrictions
  • Reminder: Full curfew on Erev Yom Haatzmaut from 17:00 until 20:00 the following night


  • 13,942 cases in Israel, 184 deaths, 139 in serious condition of them 113 on ventilators,4,507 recovered
  • More restrictions lifted from today:  Outdoor shopping centers (like BIG) will be open for business with the exception of clothing and shoe stores.
  • Cemeteries to be closed on Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror next week.  Families are very upset. Ceremonies on the day will be very limited and all without public attendance.
  • The entire country to be under full curfew for Yom Haatzmaut (same as Pesach)
  • MOH fears a new wave of infection as public behavior becomes more relaxed
  • Minister of Internal Affairs announces a 3 month exemption on arnona (property tax) for businesses

Good news!

  • 6 zoos and animal parks open for children with disabilities (face masks are a must)
  • Water level of the Kinneret continues to rise – another 13.5cm needed until the lake is full
  • Britain: a Corona vaccine is approved for testing


  • 13,713 cases in Israel, 180 deaths, 149 in serious condition, 4,049 recovered
  • Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative services commence at 10:00am
  • Special education returns today with small groups of 3 children


  • 13,491 cases in Israel, 172 deaths, 146 in serious condition of them 109 on ventilators,3,754 recovered
  • Holocaust Memorial Day -Yom HaShoa events, in the shadow of Corona, tonight and Tuesday
  • Possible prohibition of graveside visits on Yom Hazikaron – Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Israel’s Victims of Terror.  Families are furious.
  • Fewer restrictions on Bnei Brak
  • Teachers – remote learning is not effective.  Teachers have been asked to work extra days during the summer holidays.  The teacher’s union is protesting.
  • Bus services – no more than 20 passengers per bus and wearing of face masks is mandatory
  • Good news!! US patent office authorizes Coronavirus treatment developed by Prof. Jonathan Gershoni at TAU


  • 13,265 cases in Israel, 165 deaths, 163 in serious condition of them 113 on ventilators,3,456 recovered
  • Opening up the economy from today – exit strategy directives.
    • Returning office workers to a 30 percent capacity, or up to 10 people whichever is higher, while observing Ministry of Health guidelines
    • If an employee contracts the virus at a workplace, the workplace will be shut down until a Health Ministry investigation takes place.
    • Age 67 and upwards to continue to work from home
    • Partial opening of stores – optical, hardware, housewares, electrical, office supplies, bookstores and computer stores according to very specific guidelines
    • Malls to remain CLOSED at this stage. Also closed: markets, hair and beauty salons, jewelry, clothing, shoes and toy stores, restaurants and cafes.
    • Schools and kindergartens remain closed
    • Special education: up to 3 children per group
    • Childcare: 3 families per caregiver at home
    • Prayer services outside only – up to 19 people, wearing masks and observing the 2m social distancing directive.
    • Weddings and circumcisions with up to 10 people in an open area and observing the 2m social distancing directive.
    • Ritual baths (mikveh) re-open for men with no more than 3 people in the complex
    • Sports activities – up to 500m from home of no more than the same 2 people. (Suggestion: run or walk next to your partner, not behind to prevent spread of body mist)
    • Beaches, parks, playgrounds and municipal sports areas remain closed.
    • Increased public transport
  • Remember
    • Wear a mask in public places or face a 200NIS fine
    • Maintain 2m social distancing
    • Regular hand washing
  • Good news!! Researchers at Haifa’s Technion have created a rapid home testing kit for coronavirus – 99% accuracy


  • 12,758 cases in Israel, 143 deaths – more than 1/3rd in retirement homes and geriatric centers, 181 in serious condition of them 137 on ventilators, 2,818 recovered
  • Cabinet to vote on preliminary plan and exit strategy


  • 12,501 cases in Israel, 130 deaths, 180 in serious condition of them 133 on ventilators.
  • A 19 year old girl without any underlying medical conditions, dies in Israel. Fears that she was not tested in a timely manner.
  • The second Pesach curfew was lifted at 5:00am today.
  • Strategic plan to re-open the economy to be presented to Netanyahu today by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Israel Security Council – מל”ל
  • Britian requests ventilators from Israel – Israel refuses
  • Corona is retirement homes continues to rise – latest outbreak in Ashdod
  • Agreement between Likud and Blue & White not reached


  • 11,586 cases in Israel, 115 deaths, 181 in serious condition of them 132 on ventilators, 1,855 recovered
  • From 17:00pm today until 05:00am on Thursday a full curfew and no traveling between towns and cities.
  • The nation is urged not to be careless – we must continue to follow all lock down regulations
  • Bakeries will only open at 2:00am on Thursday morning.  Fine of 50,000 NIS to bakeries that open earlier.
  • Netanyahu appeals to the nation to celebrate last day of Passover and Mimuna with those currently living in your household
  • The Health Ministry has begun a project to produce high quality masks that are washable, re-usable and also suitable for all members of the population
  • MADA continues to collect plasma from recovered corona patients
  • Thousands of Coronavirus patient test kits go missing
  • Netanyahu – steps to open the economy and education institutions need to be done gradually
  • Special-ed will not re-open next week as previously announced.
  • More than 1.1 million unemployed in Israel today
  • President Rivlin gives Netanyahu and Gantz an extension until Wednesday evening to reach an agreement.
  • Gantz – “This is a moment of truth, an emergency government or fourth elections”
  • Good news! According to Israel’s Water Authority, the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) is currently 21 centimeters below the upper red line which constitutes a full lake.


  • 11,145 cases in Israel that’s 402 more cases since yesterday, 105 deaths, 181 in serious condition of them 131 on ventilators, 1,628 recovered
  • The former Sephardi Chief Rabbi – 79 year old Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron, dies of Corona last night.  His funeral today at 10:30am at Givat Shaul.  His family have requested that the public adhere to lockdown rules and not make their way to the funeral.
  • Yavniel (near the Kinneret) – 11 members of a retirement home succumb of the Coronavirus.
  • The Vishnitz retirement home in Bnei Brak reports a serious outbreak of Corona.
  • Jerusalem curfew now entering its 2nd day.
  • Anti-Litzman hate messages spray painted in Mea Shearim on Saturday night
  • Getting back to normal soon – will it happen? The Prime Minister has instructed his cabinet to develop an exit strategy.
  • Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced on Sunday that they have developed a new method of testing for COVID-19 which they claim is 4-10 times faster than the testing commonly used today.  It is also significantly cheaper and equally accurate.
  • Andrea Botecelli sings Ave Maria solo in a cathedral in Milan, Italy.


  • 10,743 cases in Israel, 101 deaths, 175 in serious condition, 129 on ventilators, 1,341 recovered
  • Wearing of face masks now mandatory in public except:
    • children under the age of 6
    • a disabled person who cannot put one on
    • while traveling in your own car alone or with a member of your family
    • 2 workers in the same office as long as they keep to the social distancing directive of 2m.
  • Lockdown rules remain in place: 100m from your home, no social gatherings (except funerals), 2m social distancing, leave the home only for essentials and earlier directives, to accompany a person in need of medical or mental assistance and transferring children between divorced parents.
  • 4 restricted zones in Jerusalem – full curfew to come into effect at 12:00pm today until Wednesday include the neighborhoods of Har Nof, Ramot, Romema, Neve Yaakov, Mea Shearim and Geula.  The people in these areas can only leave for work purposes, getting essential medical treatment, attending the funeral of a nuclear family member or transferring children between divorced parents.
  • Director General of the Israel Ministry of Health – Moshe Siman Tov “Don’t expect the education system to return to normal soon”.
  • MOH says that a lack of reagents is the reason for the significant drop in the number of coronavirus tests that were carried out in Israel last week.
  • Prime Minister – Bibi Netanyahu, halts all flights arriving at Ben Gurion Airport after it was discovered that quarantine requirements for travelers were not being adhered to according to earlier directives of the MOH.
  • 2.4 million doses of experimental coronavirus drug land in Israel from 3 different countries.
  • 29-year-old treated with Israel’s new ‘passive vaccine’. Man is in a serious but stable condition.
  • A new study shows that the coronavirus can spread in the air for about 4 meters or over twice the social distancing recommendation


Singing Ma Nishtana from balconies, some sidewalk seders and super-quiet streets making it almost impossible to sleep, here are the latest updates:

  • 9,968 confirmed and active cases of the Coronavirus in Israel, 86 deaths (more than 20 since out last report on Wednesday), 29 of these fatalities were residents of retirement homes and geriatric centers, 166 in serious condition, 121 on ventilators, 1011 recovered,
  • The five week old baby diagnosed with Corona is still in hospital
  • More then 2,000 fines were issued to people who disregarded the curfew over the Chag
  • Some aspects of the curfew have been lifted
    • From 7:00am today movement between cities and towns is allowed for essential purposes only
    • Transferring a minor child between divorced parents is allowed
    • Essential work to resume with the 15% employee limit still being enforced.
  • Netanyahu is expected to decide on Israel’s strategy, to return to normal, after the Chag
  • Naftali Bennett – Minister of Defense is calls for the army to be responsible for Corona testing instead of the Ministry of Health.
  • Grant for self-employed has been increased to a maximum of 10,500 shekels
  • A ‘Corona hotel’ for the Arab community has opened in Haifa

From Sunday

  • Wearing of face masks in public is mandatory
  • Public transport will resume to 25%

Good news!

  • China reclassifies dogs as pets and no longer as possible sources of food.
  • As the Kinneret fills up more rain is expected over the weekend


  • Starting with something positive: at 8:30pm all of Israel is invited to go out onto their balcony (Heb: mirpesset) and join in the nationwide singing of Ma Nishtana. See you there!
  • 9,428 confirmed cases, 65 deaths, 149 in serious condition, 189 in moderate condition, 770 recovered.  The youngest victim so far was a 37 year old man with a underlying medical conditions.
  • Commencing at 3pm – the 100m distance from home curfew limitation comes into effect.
  • Police roadblocks placed around the country
  • From Sunday morning, the wearing of face masks every time you leave home, will become mandatory
  • Testing in retirement homes and geriatric centers to be increased wherever there is a case of Corona
  • Tens of thousands of reagents purchased by the Ministry of Defense are on their way to Israel.
  • Next week Israel’s strategic plan to return to our regular routine, will be presented to the public
  • Israel’s March deficit – 4% or 15.9 billion shekels


15:00pm Most recent updates

  • The curfew has been pushed back and will commence today at 7pm (not at 4pm as originally announced). You will not be able to leave your place of residence for another city or town.  No intercity travel whatsoever.
  • From Wednesday at 3pm until Thursday 7:00am (16 hours) an almost complete curfew on Israel – you will not be permitted to go further than 100m from your home unless for a medical emergency.
  • Thursday from 7:00am until the end of the weekend no intercity travel

12:00pm Curfew updates

  • Commencing today at 4pm until Saturday at 8pm a curfew has been set.  You will not be able to leave your place of residence for another city or town.  No intercity travel whatsoever.
  • Public transport will cease and will only resume on Friday morning at 7:00am.  No international flights whatsoever.
  • From Wednesday at 6pm until Thursday 7:00am (13 hours) an almost complete curfew on Israel – you will not be permitted to go further than 100m from your home unless for a medical emergency.


  • 8,904 confirmed cases, 57 deaths, 140 in critical condition, 109 on ventilators, 197 in moderate condition, 585 recovered (The fatality rate in Israel is 0.64%, the United States 2.85%, Spain  9.67%, Italy 12.32%, Germany 1.48%, France 9.83%, Iran 6.18%, the UK 10.32%, South Korea 1.81%, Sweden 6.62%, Russia 0.74% and Australia 0.71%.)
  • Nationwide corona curfew to be passed this morning at 10:00am.  As follows:
    • From Tuesday 2pm until Saturday night at 8pm – intercity travel is forbidden
    • From Wednesday 2pm until Thursday 7am, an almost complete curfew across the country
  • Israel forced to reduce testing as a there is a shortage of laboratory material. Israel says it’s planning on producing materials locally.
  • Israel among first to try experimental Japanese coronavirus drug. The drug is to be tested on 80 patients at selected hospitals across the country, together with researchers from Hebrew University.
  • Emergency flight to Argentina hoped to bring Israelis stranded there back to the country by the weekend


  • 8,430 confirmed cases, 49 deaths (11 are from retirement and geriatric centers), 139 in serious condition, 182 in moderate condition, 546 recovered.
  • 25 positive diagnosis from retirement centers.
  • Bnei Brak still under curfew and stricter enforcement expected for Pesach eve. Soldiers distributed food packages to Bnei Brak residents yesterday.
  • Thousands of soldiers will be dispatched to Elad, Modi’in and Bet Shemesh.
  • Numerous suburbs of Jerusalem, Elad, Migdal HaEmek, Beitar Illit, Ashkelon, Tiberias, Or Yehuda and Modi’in Illit expected to come under full curfew.
  • Ministry of Defense: A fleet of eleven ELAL cargo planes fly to Beijing, China to bring medical supplies back to Israel.  An additional 3 aircraft are to return with commercial merchandise.
  • Eggcellent! millions of eggs arrive in Israel just in time for Pesach.
  • Good news!!! A surge in pet adoptions in Israel
  • British Olim:  The queen addressed the nation. Boris Johnson has been hospitalized upon his doctor’s recommendation.


  • 7,851 confirmed cases in Israel a jump of 994 since Friday, 126 in serious condition, 108 on ventilators, 44 deaths, 527 recovered
  • Saturday – Bennett demands his Defense Ministry take over virus battle from Health Ministry
  • Residents of Bnei Brak mostly conform to directives and further curfew limitations over Shabbat.
  • Many hundreds of families in Bnei Brak, step out onto their balconies on Friday evening and together, they sing Lecha Dodi and welcome the Shabbat
  • Mea Shearim residents violate Health Ministry regulations on Friday.  Incidents of stone throwing at police as they tried to control residents defying regulations.
  • Decision to further close towns to be made on Sunday; Elad,  Modi’in Illit, Migdal HaEmek, Beit Shemesh and other suburbs in Jerusalem
  • Confirmed cases (approximate percentage of the population):
    • Jerusalem – 1,132 (0.12%)
    • Elad – 120 (0.26%)
    • Beit Shemesh – 118 (0.25%)
    • Migdal HaEmek – 82 (0.31%)
    • Modi’in – 91 (0.21%)
  • Approximately 8,000 tests are being carried out in Israel per day.  The government’s goal is to reach 30,000
  • Maccabi Health Fund to offer Coronavirus testing but only to those who have received official instruction to have the test.
  • Scores of residents in geriatric centers are infected with the virus
  • Touching news:  NIS 2 million now raised to support orphaned twins whose mother died of corona


  • 6,857 confirmed cases in Israel a jump of almost 800 over yesterday, 106 in serious condition, 85 on ventilators, 36 deaths, 126 in moderate condition
  • 60 roadblocks and 1,000 policemen in Bnei Brak enforcing restrictions of movement.
  • It is estimated that 38% of residents in Bnei Brak are infected with Covid-19 Coronavirus – that is around 75,000 people
  • The settlement of “Elad” in Gush Etzion also slated to be in enforced curfew.
  • Hamas threatens Israel if the country does not provide them with ventilators
  • Expected shortage of eggs, meat and poultry expected before Pesach. Long queues at supermarkets already at 6:30am this morning.
  • Yaacov Litzman, Minister of Health, infected with the Coronavirus is refusing to step down from his post after it was discovered that he knowingly contravened rules and regulations set by his Ministry.
  • Good news! Dr. Lidia Blecher, has recovered from Corona and is now able to treat Corona patients with free access and without the need for protective gear.


  • 6,092 confirmed cases in Israel, 95 in serious condition, 81 on ventilators, 26 deaths, 241 recovered
  • Stricter enforcement of  movement in Bnei Brak and suburbs of South Tel Aviv
  • Wearing of face masks in public areas in now mandatory.
  • A 500NIS grant per child  will be paid to families before Pesach up to and including the 4th child  (maximum 2,000NIS) directly to your bank account.
  • Last night, Pikud HaOref (Civil Guard) moved 60 residents of Bnei Brak to Corona hotels
  • Corona testing at all retirement centers where the virus has been discovered.
  • Bagrut Matric exams – students will be tested on 3 or up to 5 subjects
  • Anyone entering Israel will be required to self-quarantine in a Corona hotel
  • Minister of Health – Yaacov Litzman diagnosed with Coronavirus
  • A Ministry of Finance initiative with Shufersal and Rami Levy: basic food parcels will be made available for order and delivery within a relatively short time.


  • 5,358 confirmed cases, 93 in serious condition, 76 on ventilators, 108 in moderate condition, 21 deaths, 226 recovered
  • Jerusalem – 650 confirmed cases, Bnei Brak – 571, Tel Aviv – 287, Ashkelon – 114, Rishon LeZion – 103, Ashdod – 81, Beit Shemesh – 76, Haifa – 67, Efrat – 52, Lod – 37 – a full city/town list here
  • An additional 23,000 people registered for unemployment benefits yesterday bringing the total to over 1 million people who have registered so far.  People who registered in the first wave will receive  2,000 NIS before Pesach – the rest will receive benefit after Pesach.
  • 20 percent of people who filed for CHALAT will not have jobs to go back to
  • Unlike salaried workers, a large section of self-employed fall through the cracks and will not be receiving any benefit from Bituach Leumi. There is real concern that a large percentage of the 500,000 self-employed will not be able to stay afloat during the crisis.
  • Generic pharmaceutical giant, Teva, to donate malaria drug to Israel, showing to help in the treatment of Covid-19
  • Best/worst face masks
    1. N95
    2. Surgical Mask (blue side worn outside)
    3. FFP1
    4. Active carbon
    5. Fabric mask
    6. Sponge masks
  • Good news! Kinneret water level rises by 1.5cm in last 24 hours – now 36cm to upper red line.
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