Thursday, 15 November 2018

Israel's Top 10 Nature Reserves, National Parks & the Israel National Trail

Hebrew: פארקים וגנים לאומיים



1. The Hermon National Park (Banyas)


From the foot of Mt. Hermon (Har Hermon), the Banyas spring rushes with great force and a basalt canyon hiking trail leads to the largest waterfall in Israel alongside the remains of an ancient city.


2. The Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

yehudia trail

In the heart of the Golan Heights, there are magnificent hiking trails running along rivers, natural pools and waterfalls. There are short family trains and more difficult all day hikes.


3. The Zippori National Park

Dating back to the Maccabee era, impressive ruins and spectacular mosaics including the "Mona Lisa of the Galilee".


4. Caeserea National Park

This ancient port city was considered, in its time, as one of the most modern ports in the world.  Caeserea boasts a magnificent beach too.  A 3,500 seat theater remains from Roman times and live concerts of Israel's best artists and performers are held here regularly.


5. City of David

Stroll on the walls of The City of David overlooking Biblical Jerusalem or brave the deep, underground water tunnels to the ancient spring.


6. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

 An oasis near the Dead Sea, four springs, a diversity of fauna and flora provides a stark contrast to the surrounding desert.


7. Masada National Park


This mountain top fortress overlooking the Dead Sea was the site of a three year siege by Roman soldiers, pivotal in Jewish history and which led to the mass suicide of its Jewish fugitives. Watch our one minute videos of  favorite attractions in Israel 


8. Advat National Park

An old Nabatean town on the ancient incense and spice route from south Arabia to the Mediterranean.


9. Ramon Park

Breathtaking views from the Ramon Crater (Maktesh) and geological site. The Bio Ramon Information Center displays and explains the unique fauna and flora of the surrounding desert.


10. Coral Beach Eilat

The coral reef at Eilat's Coral Beach nature reserve is a snorkeler's paradise! A fantastic glimpse of the coral reef of Eilat.


And, we cannot omit...

The Israel National Trail

The Israel National Trail (INT) is one of the only trails of its kind in the world. The 920 kilometer trail from the north to the south of the country, is an amazing way to see Israel. The trail transverses forests, mountain ranges, urban areas and deserts before ending at the southernmost point on the Red Sea. Along the way it passes Arab & Jewish villages, Roman relics, Crusader ruins and Druze and Christian holy sites. The trail can be done in stages, a few days at a time, or more challenging to hike the whole trail in one go.



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