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Cina Coren - Precious Legacies

Memoir and life-story writer
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Cina Coren - Precious Legacies
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16 Derech HaAvot, Neve Daniel, Israel


Memoir and life-story writer

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I am a professional writer and I compile peoples’ life stories--memoirs of their past, experiences that have shaped their present, legacies to be passed down from one generation to the next.  When I began researching my family history many years ago, I found myself at a loss. My parents, who had arrived in American before World War II, had kept their earlier years close to their chests, revealing very little about their days growing up in Europe.  I longed to know more but I had waited too long. Almost all of my relatives had passed away and their life stories had gone with them.

I decided that one’s past must never be lost and I undertook to use my communication and writing talents to help preserve people's memories in an organized and compassionate manner.

Everyone has a story but it is not always easy to tell it. Rekindling old memories can be difficult and many people hesitate to delve into their past and face experiences that have been buried for so long. But these life stories must be told. Without memoirs of the past, we are depriving our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of their inherent historical make-up.

I set up Precious Legacies to help you tell your life story. The interviews are conducted in a professional manner and the discourse is written up and prepared for publication in whatever style you select. Your involvement is an integral and vital part throughout the process.

Call me now to arrange an interview or set up an appointment in Israel or the USA.

 Call me before December 31st, 2019 and receive a discount on the design of your book.

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  • 16 Derech HaAvot, Neve Daniel


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