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Israel TransportChanges to Haifa's Public Transport System

Changes to Haifa’s Public Transport System

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Some Haifa bus lines cancelled while new bus and Metronit lines added.

As of Friday 13th, May 2022, bus and public transport lines, in Haifa, have been cancelled or revised. New bus routes and Metronit lines have also been added.

Seven bus lines were cancelled completely while eight lines have been rerouted. Two new lines have been added as well as a new Metronit line.

Following the recent opening of Haifa’s new cable car mass transport system – The Rachbalit – between Merkazit HaMifratz, the Technion and the University, some of the existing bus lines are no longer necessary.

A summary of public transport changes (Image credit PTI.ORG.IL – translated by Anglo-List)

Details of the major changes are as follows:

  • Line 31 to the Technion and Line 115, which connect Merkazit Hamifratz and Hof HaCarmel central stations, will be rerouted and will no longer travel via Ramat Shaul and Kiryat Shprintzak.
  • Line 30 will no longer travel to the University of Haifa
  • Line 146 between the University of Haifa and Hof HaCarmel Central Station, will be canceled.
  • Line 25 – from the Hadar neighborhood through Ramat Shaul to Kiryat Shprinzak and back has so far only operated on Saturday. The service will now be extended and the line will now operate during the week as well. The route is to be extended to the Halisa neighborhood. New stops between Halisa and Kiryat Shprintzak will include Hagiborim, Gush Etzion, Halisa, Beit HaTaasiya, Talpiot Market, Lev Hadar, Beit HaKranot and Herzl/Yoel, and then in the opposite direction. The bus will run approximately every 15 minutes and will also replace line 115 which has been cancelled.
  • Line 30 – From Leon Blum (Chugim High School) to Hof Hacarmel Central Station and back is also to be rerouted. The buys will now travel via Elisha then the Western Carmel (Sderot Hanassi – Tchernichovsky) to Ramat Shaul, Kiryat Shprinzak, Sha’ar Ha’aliya, Neve David passed the Kfar Zamir cemetery, the Haifa Youth Hostel, onto the Sportan and the Congress Center and finally to Hof Hacarmel Central Station.
  • Line 31 – from Bat Galim train station via Ein Hayam to the Technion and back. Two new stations will be added to the line: on the corner of Derech Tzarfat/Yitzhak Nadav and another on Tchernichovsky Street near the Gordon Academic College. Line 31 will no longer travel via Kiryat Shprintzak and Ramat Shaul. Passengers from these neighborhoods will be able to use 25 and 30 and lines 3 and 5.
  • Line 115 – from Hof ​​Hacarmel to Merkazit HaMifratz and back. The line will travel along Tchernichovsky and Derech Tzarfat and will no longer enter Kiryat Sprintzak and Ramat Shaul. (Use instead: 3, 5, 25, 30)
  • Line 76 – from Leon Blum to Yugur and back. The line will start and end at Chugim High School and will pass through Geula, Arlozorov, Golomb, Wingate and Bnei Zion Medical Center. The line will connect Hadar to Bnei Zion Medical Center and the Grand Canyon, Ziv Center, the Technion and Nesher.
  • Line 54 – from Hof ​​Hacarmel Central Station to Daliyat al-Carmel and back. The line will now also stop at stations within the University of Haifa campus.
  • Line 55 – from the Merkazit HaMifratz to Daliat El-Carmel will now travel along International Street in Ramot Remez instead of on Komui Street.

Israel’s public transport system in detail

Cancelled Bus Routes

  • 46 – Hof HaCarmel Central – University of Haifa.
  • 101 – Hof HaCarmel Central – Merkazit HaMifratz.
  • 141 – Central Bay – University of Haifa.
  • 143 – Central Campus – University of Haifa.
  • 216 – Technion – Hadar.
  • 225 – Hof HaCarmel Central – Merkazit HaMifratz.
  • 237 – Bat Galim Railway Station – University of Haifa.

New Route Numbers

  • Route 4 will become route 41
  • Route 5 will become route 51

New Metronit Route #4

The Metronit transport system introduces a new line – Route 4. Rout 4 will travel from the Krayot in the north to MATAM (at the southern entrance to Haifa). The route will incorporate stops along route #4 (Akko Rd) from Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat Haim, along HaHistadrut Blvd, Lev HaMifratz, the Grand Kanyon and then onto the Haifa Mall with the final stop being Hof HaCarmel Central Station.

The Haifa University station of the Rachbalit – the new cable car transport system
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